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Streaming and Webcasting

Streaming lets you extend your video and/or audio meeting to a wider audience, typically at lower cost for larger meetings.

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The power to communicate

Streaming or 'webcasting' lets you extend your meeting to a wider audience, so you can reach and involve those people who can’t get to a meeting venue. Streaming can be delivered live, or played at a later date, on-demand. It lets you deliver your message with high-impact to anyone with any device that can connect to the Internet with a web browser. Other benefits include the ability to securely manage access to the presentation, and report on viewer participation, questions, and polling responses.

Streaming services let you:

  • hold seminars, presentations or training sessions for audiences of any size, from almost anywhere in the world, anytime
  •  reach more of your workforce, partners, customers and investors with the key messages you need to deliver
  •  replay meeting content to people who can't attend
  •  use multiple speakers and slide shows to maximise effectiveness - without incurring significant additional costs
  •  save time and costs by removing the need for attendees to travel to meeting venues.

Key features

  •  Live (real-time) or archived (on-demand) video systems
  •  Easy scheduling and preparation
  •  Archiving - stored to play at a later date
  •  Question and answer session to interact with your meeting attendees
  •  Polling
  •  Multiple presenters
  •  Audience registration so you can identify who will be attending the meeting
  •  Security
  •  Reporting.

Additional features

  • The presentation can be indexed so viewers can quickly navigate through archived presentations
  •  Detailed reporting options let you measure the impact the presentation had on your audience, and the return on your investment
  •  Complete support - we take care of the technology so you can focus on preparing your content.

What do I need?

You produce the presentation for your streamed meeting, and we take care of everything else. We encode, post and host your event, whether it's live or pre-recorded.

You need to request streaming when booking your audio or video meeting. There’s a streaming booking form to complete, available from your account manager.

The only requirements for viewing streamed content is a device with internet access and a current web browser, including PCs running either Windows or MacOS, or mobile devices running Android or iOS.

FAQs for Streaming

From a viewers' perspective, it's a URL link to a webpage that typically has audio, video and slides all delivered through an online connection. This can be viewed either:

  • ’As it happens’ - where participants watch your event 'live' via a web page
  • on-demand - ’recorded’ - where participants watch your event, via a web page after your event has happened.

You can book a Streaming event by contacting your BT account manager.

Yes, provided your firewall is configured correctly to allow Streaming. Please contact your IT department about possible firewall, proxy server, or other security systems in place that may block audio / video streaming media.

Help desk phone numbers

If you can’t resolve your questions, please contact one of our global helpdesk advisers.