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5G with BT

5G is propelling digital workplaces and industries forward by improving productivity, efficiency, safety and security. The opportunities it creates are limitless.

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The potential 5G brings to the world is vast.


5G is already changing the way we work and the way our operations work. It’s supercharging digital transformation by connecting ‘things’ ultrafast – with ultra-reliable data transfer and ultra-low latency. This technology step-change will fundamentally bring about a new era of business value and benefits. Leveraging it will bring about opportunities for redefined business models and greater competitive advantage.

New possibilities

With 5G, organisations will need to rethink their enterprise data networks, cloud, collaboration, and edge solutions, and how technology convergence will create new possibilities. 5G will require a parallel evolution and investment in device ecosystems.

Revolutionising industry

5G private networks are accelerating the move to digital industries, through advances in pervasive and predictable connectivity for smart factories, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and artificial intelligence. 5G brings an era of new connected industry experiences – ultra-fast download speeds, remote monitoring and tracking, seamless Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), vehicles sharing information seamlessly with each other and industrial machinery being controlled remotely.

Digital people

As many global organisations have now moved to some form of a hybrid work model, 5G is propelling the digital workplace to improve productivity, efficiency, safety and security. Ultrafast connectivity and ultra-low latency coupled with emerging technologies like AR and VR will deliver a richer and more immersive user experience.

Our 5G solutions

We offer fully global, secure 5G solutions with a seamless user experience and reliable connectivity. Currently we offer the following solutions:

  • 5G Private Networks – a crucial building block for organisations driving towards ‘digital industry’, and a key enabler for accelerating digital transformation and competitive advantage.
  • 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) – get ultra-fast connectivity in previously unreachable areas, or as a practical, cost-effective and super-agile addition to wired connections.
  • 5G mobile devices – deploying 5G to enhance your digital workplace strategy means investing in the right mobile devices. We supply a range of 5G devices and accessories, from the leading hardware manufacturers.
  • 5G mobile services – the right connectivity and devices are important for people to remain productive, but you also need the right data plans and management tools to ensure everyone and everything stays connected. 

5G features:

4G took mobile technology to new places. 5G mainly uses higher frequencies than 4G, which are faster and can carry more information. Therefore as the next layer in our network, 5G gives you a faster, smoother and more reliable mobile experience. In the busiest cities, at the busiest times, and across digitised industrial experiences.

The 5G frequencies we use can also support more devices at the same time, meaning more people and things can get connected without speeds slowing – perfect for the growth of interconnected devices across your network and for you leverage internet of things (IoT).

A 5G network can be ‘sliced’, therefore operators like BT can dedicate slices to particular uses. One 5G slice for connecting driverless cars, for example, and another to make sure our 5G business customers can get online faster than ever. 

5G benefits

From carrying huge amounts of data much faster, to connecting many more devices much more reliably, to processing in real-time. All this adds up to perfect predictability and opens an array of new opportunities and benefits:

  • enhance the digital workplace and move to ‘digital industry’ through dramatically increased network speed, capacity, control and security
  • delivering hybrid working, enabling your people to collaborate seamlessly and securely from home, the office or on the move
  • using supercharged artificial intelligence to run low latency compute applications
  • tracking and tracing cargo with built-in 5G sensors
  • deploying thousands of sensors in smart factories to track data and predict failures
  • running remote hands-on training using virtual and augmented reality.

Why choose BT for 5G?

  • Whatever your strategy for 5G is you need a partner who’s capable of managing large scale digital transformation projects and one that’s experienced running secure private, public, mobile and fixed networks. We can help you here.
  • We’re committed to being a pioneer in 5G, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved and propelling 5G from use case to everyday reality.  At the heart of our 5G strategy is a broad ecosystem of partnerships that foster innovation and enable us to develop our extensive 5G portfolio. We offer fully global, secure 5G solutions with a seamless user experience and reliable connectivity. We work with leading technology partners to help meet your 5G requirements.