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Alibaba Cloud services

Grow your hybrid cloud environment with direct connectivity and high performance with Alibaba Cloud services (also known as Aliyun).

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What are managed Alibaba Cloud services?

Improve the way your organisation uses cloud technology.

Many organisations are looking for a hybrid cloud solution that gives them high cloud interoperability, high data portability, and low latency between public and private clouds. Working together with Alibaba Cloud, we can deliver exactly this for you.

Alibaba is the leading cloud provider in China and APAC, providing the highest level of performance, compliance, cost effectiveness and security in the region. Combined with our global infrastructure this creates a compelling cloud service.

Navigating the security and regulatory landscape in China is an important consideration when expanding into the region. Our services and expertise can make that much easier.

We can take you on a complete journey, from discussing how a cloud strategy can improve your business to full operational takeover so you focus on what’s important. Combined with the right network and security you can achieve the performance, assurance, and compliance you need.

Why invest in Alibaba Cloud with BT? 

Working closely with you, we'll:

  • help you assess your cloud strategy and your business needs
  • plan, migrate and modernise your cloud infrastructure
  • give you choice – private cloud services where regulation and compliance issues give you headaches – public cloud services depending on workload, geography and user requirements
  • help you automate more, find the skills you need, and equip you with processes or tools that drive your cloud journey forward
  • provide governance to make sure you realise the cloud savings your business case identified
  • manage your service in-life to minimise complexity, get best value and maximise performance
  • make sure your cloud is secure, compliant, and supported by the right network.

Alibaba Cloud features

We’re committed to delivering the best hybrid cloud services on the market. With managed Alibaba Cloud:

  • we can help you expand to China or APAC region if you; are a UK-based enterprise, want to consume cloud services in China or AMEA, or view compliance as a key requirement
  • we can help you expand to the UK / EU if you're a China- / APAC-based company, expanding through acquisitions or current operations, or want to consume cloud services securely in the UK / EU.

Alibaba Cloud benefits

What benefits can Alibaba Cloud bring to your business?

  • Flexible - fast and efficient capacity provisioning with no planning pressure
  • Cost-effective - eliminate CAPEX intensive hardware and software that are costly to set up and maintain
  • Scalable - able to scale elastically and access a global ecosystem of tools that will help your business grow
  • Secure - we’ve built security into our service.

Why choose BT? 

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose managed Alibaba Cloud services from BT?

  • We're global  we connect cloud providers globally, securely, and seamlessly with our network at the core
  • We're recognised – in 2019, we became the first international telecommunications company to receive nationwide licences from the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • We're direct – we have teams locally within China so you can meet and discuss your requirements with our specialists directly.