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All IP voice alternatives

Our alternative solutions mean you won’t lose your voice in the All IP world.

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Why are digital voice solutions important?

Globally, traditional voice networks are closing down. This is happening at different times in different regions and countries globally. In the UK, these networks will close by 2025. The nationwide stop-sell of services in 2023 means you must start planning your transformation journey now. At the same time, more businesses are moving to a hybrid work strategy. So what happens to your legacy business systems and applications when you move to an All IP setup?

From security systems to payment processing, IP solutions are everywhere and used in every industry. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is only going to accelerate this. But the All IP transformation journey that we’re all on affects more than just traditional phone lines, so it’ll be different depending on your business application.

As you progress your voice transformation journey, we’ve made sure there’s a digital solution for every part of the traditional voice estate.

What are All IP voice alternatives?

Sometimes a voice solution just isn’t the right fit

We’ve developed two IP-based alternative solutions to ensure you’re able to address some traditional PSTN services with more specific requirements and digitally transform every part of your traditional voice estate. These solutions replace the traditional PSTN service and are required due to the forthcoming closure of the traditional exchange network on which the PSTN service relied. They enable you to transform to a digital voice solution in situations where it’s typically not possible to do so.

Voice Emulator - For PSTN at remote sites that’s used for voice and voice band data, when other Global Voice and data services are not suitable, which can service up to eight PSTN lines per Emulator Box.

Voice Single Line - Used when only a single PSTN line is required and other Global Voice and data services are not suitable. 

All IP voice alternatives – key features

Voice Emulator:

  • Can service up to eight PSTN lines per Emulator box, which can be configured for voice or voice band data, and is plug and play.
  • AudioCodes gateway is also required on which to terminate special edge equipment
  • Multiple Voice Emulator boxes can be used per site if required.

Voice Single Line:

  • For PSTN at remote sites, with less than 250 in total (Including FAX.)
  • The core services include: numbers, both new (subject to availability) and ported, and a line with voice calls.
  • Functionality includes call hold, call park, call pick up, call waiting, CLI, PLI, last number redial, personal contacts, and three way calling.

Our two All IP voice alternatives solutions use strategic number porting and utilise the One Cloud Cisco platforms. You need IP access connectivity before these voice alternatives can be delivered. It’s possible to use Business Broadband that may have been provided for other BT services if you already have it. Whilst we would not expect a single customer to take many of these All IP products at a site when considering the access network then care must be taken to ensure sufficient bandwidth is available.

All IP voice alternatives – key benefits

  • Moving to IP solutions means accelerating your digital transformation strategy and provides the opportunity to:

     - Eliminate the standalone on-premise PBX. 44% of IT decision-makers plan to make connecting collaboration platforms via the internet rather than MPLS or private networks a priority.

     - Move to digital voice solutions. 47% of IT decision-makers said they plan to invest in network and collaboration infrastructure which can adapt quickly and flexibly.

     - Converge technologies. 85% of business executives want a better way of integrating different collaboration tools.
  • Transforming to an All IP estate will significantly reduce your costs and enhance your business agility and flexibility.
  • Our Voice Emulator and Voice Single Line solutions are uniquely placed to enable you to transform legacy PSTN services in situations where it typically may not have been possible to do so with other digital, IP-based voice solutions.

Why choose BT for All IP voice alternatives?

Deep voice transformation experience:

We’ve been transforming customers’ voice estates for decades, working in dozens of environments and across every sector and industry. That experience equips our people with the knowledge to deliver voice transformations in even the most complex scenarios.

Our global voice network:

Your voice solution will be deployed on our global voice network. We’re trusted to deliver over 10 billion minutes a year and host more than 4 million voice line numbers for our global customers.