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Aruba LAN

Modernise your connectivity for a changing world by building intelligent enhanced networks with Aruba LAN.

BT reference LAN (Aruba LAN)
Category Networking

Hybrid working has been fully established and customers and employees alike expect high-performance connectivity across a range of devices and applications.

To address this, you need a partner with experience and scale who can help you evolve your LAN to support their needs while maintaining a robust security posture.

Aruba LAN delivers a managed service for your branch and campus connectivity, giving you complete visibility of all devices and users as they connect to your network. Features include intelligent controls, automation to simplify management, and end-to-end security.

Why BT and Aruba?

BT and Aruba are both recognised as leaders in their respective fields. For over 18 years BT's expertise has been recognised as a leader in network services, having deployed over three hundred global managed services LAN customers in 197 countries, and we can apply best practices to your solution.

Aruba is recognised as a leader in Wired and Wireless LAN Access in delivering innovative solutions in security, networking, and connectivity. Together we operate globally with on-the-ground experts who can support you in designing and implementing a future-proofed LAN solution.

Aruba provides market-leading interoperable technology, which removes the need to rip and replace your entire campus network. This will help you achieve your connectivity goals by taking a staged approach to modernising elements of your LAN.

What benefits can you expect from Aruba LAN managed by BT?

  • Visibility across your network: Through cloud-native management console and single operating system that simplifies visibility and improves performance.
  • Optimised existing assets: A solution that integrates and optimises existing LAN infrastructure, so you are future-ready. Supported by our experience in managing and transforming multi-vendor solutions to a more simplified and efficient network.
  • Remove the skills gaps: With a trusted partnership that has the combined breadth and depth of our expertise to deliver standalone LAN, campus-wide LAN, and wider transformation solutions.
  • Secure and automate: End-to-end managed service and deployment. Scale up or down as needed. Implement additional services, such as advanced security to gain greater insight into your network and apps.
  • Innovate and grow: Through centralised reporting, analytics, security, scalability, and resilience all in one platform that helps you deliver a consistent end-user experience and build a robust and innovative LAN.
  • Sustainable solution: BT’s Aruba LAN can identify redundant devices using unnecessary power. In addition, it uses automation to optimise network management and energy efficiency.