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Carbon Network Dashboard

Discover how you can measure, monitor and reduce power and carbon emissions across your IT networks.

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What is our Carbon Network Dashboard?

Alongside regulatory pressures, Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) decision-making means investors are divesting from fossil fuel users, while 88% of consumers have doubts about buying from companies that aren’t ethically or environmentally sustainable.

At the same time, the increase in global energy prices means the pressure’s on to find energy efficiency or optimisation solutions that can help drive down costs.

Up against these combined pressures from investors, consumers, supply chain partners and employees, your organisation needs to get a handle on its emissions and set firm sustainability commitments.

As you work towards your net zero targets you need to optimise the way you run your networks. Our Carbon Network Dashboard integrates and streamlines data from disparate IT devices to give you real-time power usage and carbon emissions information.

And this will help you:

  1. calculate your footprint for carbon accounting
  2. decide when to run workloads over the network to minimise carbon impact
  3. identify and prioritise the replacement of carbon intensive devices.

How does our Carbon Network Dashboard work?

We use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to extract power data from devices, where possible.

This extraction is completed at regular intervals and then converted into energy, based on device-on time.

This data is then overlaid with regional grid carbon intensity figures to calculate the carbon intensity at a device level.

Features of our Digital Carbon Dashboard

The Carbon Network Dashboard can:

  • Extract power telemetry data directly from networking devices so you can view real-time power usage heatmaps and forecasted energy consumption for networking equipment, globally. This can inform network planning decisions by viewing in real-time the impact of making strategic network upgrades.
  • Identify devices that consume more power than predicted based on historic network use. These may have both cost and carbon implications, so being able to identify and remedy these immediately will contribute to achieving your sustainability targets.
  • Pull in real-time energy data from the grid and overlay against the way the network is run. Doing so provides you with more accurate carbon emissions for your devices and allows you to provide recommendations of how to optimise the networks for low carbon operations.
  • In the future, the dashboard will integrate power and carbon data from data centres, cloud, and endpoint devices that leverage the network, such as laptops, providing a single interface for you to manage your IT services for sustainability. 

Benefits of our Carbon Network Dashboard

The Carbon Network Dashboard will enable you to:

  • Measure, monitor and reduce power and carbon emissions across your IT networks, so you can decide how to optimise your networks and when to run workloads over the network to minimise carbon impact.
  • Detect and react to any power use anomalies, so you can prioritise investments.
  • Measure the environmental impact of your IT network and services accurately, reliably, and consistently, so you can contribute to your organisation’s carbon reduction goals in an auditable way.

Why work with us?

  • We’ve committed to helping our customers avoid 60m tonnes of CO2 by 2030.
  • We have first-hand experience in understanding the carbon footprint of IT services and by working with our partners we have the ability to collate, and share with you, the data required for carbon footprinting.
  • As part of a managed service, the calculator can be used in conjunction with our Digital Carbon Calculator which measures, monitors and reduces power and carbon emissions across your IT networks.
  • Our global Professional Services team can assess the current and future sustainability footprint across your global infrastructure to help identify your strategic options and the business case for sustainability change.
  • We’ve been recognised, by CPD, as a global leader in managing carbon reduction and climate change across the supply chain.
  • Since 2016/17, we’ve reduced the carbon emissions intensity of our operations by 57% and have reduced carbon emissions by 19% in our supply chain.

Want to know more about Carbon Network Dashboard?

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Carbon Network Dashboard
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