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Connect Intelligence ThousandEyes – Digital experience monitoring

Empower your business with digital experience monitoring from ThousandEyes and BT.

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What is Connect Intelligence ThousandEyes?

A digital experience monitoring solution that will keep your business booming.

Visibility into the internet and cloud service networks is critical to business continuity. Now more than ever, it dictates the experience of customers and employees alike. But as on-premises applications move to into the cloud and workers become more distributed, it’s increasingly difficult to ensure the right digital experience using legacy application performance management solutions.

To understand how employees or customers experience an application, and the impact of all your networks and services on performance, you need modern synthetics paired with deep network path and routing visibility.

Connect Intelligence ThousandEyes delivers this, powering employee productivity and customer transactions across your ecosystem by comprehensively measuring and monitoring network performance. You’ll get visibility across all your network, application, routing, and device layers to see exactly how your Internet and WAN connectivity impacts user experience.

Why invest in a digital experience monitoring solution?

Developing a bigger picture of your digital experience.

Powered by Cisco and BT, Connect Intelligence ThousandEyes measures your network performance and its impact on critical apps using thousands of global monitoring vantage points across the internet.

Deployed, set-up, and managed by your dedicated BT team, it provides:

  • End-user monitoring across SaaS and internally hosted apps, as well as underlying wireless LAN, WAN, internet connectivity, and system health
  • Global vantage points to track application journeys end-to-end across all layers
  • Real-time and on-demand network monitoring services
  • A JavaScript transaction engine that captures performance data across pages and engagement channels
  • Accurate page load metrics and benchmark performance measures
  • Collective insight on service provider performance gleaned from billions of daily measurements

When a customer or user has a bad digital experience, they don’t care where the problem is. They simply want it resolved – and fast. ThousandEyes shows you where and who the culprit is and lets you focus on fixing the problem.

Connect Intelligence ThousandEyes features:

We’re committed to delivering the best network intelligence solution on the market. Connect Intelligence ThousandEyes gives you:

  • 24 x 365 service teams
  • The latest software deployments
  • Personalised install and build advice
  • Report set-up and dashboard creation
  • Analysis and understanding orientation
  • Premier access to BT and Cisco technology teams for issue resolution

Connect Intelligence ThousandEyes benefits:

What benefits will Connect Intelligence ThousandEyes bring to your business?

  • Confidence that your selected ISPs and cloud providers are delivering
  • Reformed workflows and network environment
  • Simplified infrastructure by mapping step-by-step application journeys
  • Reduced mean time to repair and mean time to fail
  • Maximised cloud and ISP application performance by seeing end-to-end
  • Increased network knowledge and understanding when selecting partners
  • Corporate and stakeholder confidence with network intelligence and insight

Why choose BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose digital experience solutions from BT?

  • Experienced – We’ve been combining our skills, expertise, and experience with Cisco’s technology for decades, and are one of only six ‘elite’ Cisco Global Gold Certified Partners – across 18 countries
  • Network capability – We can add our market-leading global network capability, offering a mix of IP and internet services in over 180 countries or territories
  • End-to-end – We’re more than just a network provider. We offer the building blocks to complete your IT infrastructure puzzle, with solutions that always start with your objectives.