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Cloud Contact PCI

Protect your business and your customers and ensure your contact centre's PCI DSS compliance with Cloud Contact PCI from BT.

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What is Cloud Contact PCI?

An agile and scalable solution, making compliance much simpler and more cost-effective.

If your business is dealing with credit card details, you know that all Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) must be met, and all agents and systems handling card data must be fully compliant. Non-compliance with these standards can damage your reputation, credibility, customer loyalty and expose businesses to legal issues.

However, PCI DSS compliance is a complex ongoing process. It can be time-consuming and expensive, and meeting PCI DSS requirements can limit business agility.

Cloud Contact PCI from BT offers a quick and easy solution to PCI compliance. As a cloud-based solution, it’s ideal for single, multiple and international sites, as it eliminates the need for cardholder data to be handled by contact centre agents, making compliance much simpler and more cost-effective.

How does Cloud Contact PCI work?

With growing pressure to combat payment card fraud, PCI DSS compliance is essential if you deal with customer transactions. To protect yourself and your customers, you need to ensure your contact centre is fully compliant.

Cloud Contact PCI from BT makes paying over the phone secure by ensuring that no card information is ever seen or heard by the contact centre agent; transmitted through the telephony switch and VoIP network; or recorded by the call. The agent and caller remain connected and are able to talk freely throughout the card transaction. This is achieved using our Cloud Contact PCI's SecureMode, which allows the call to continue as normal whilst the customer enters their credit card information, using the phone keypad.

Cloud Contact PCI goes beyond the minimum requirements of PCI DSS compliance, ensuring that no sensitive card details are ever shared between the customer and the contact centre agent. Desktops, agents, and all telephony infrastructure is secured, greatly reducing the risk of fraud.

And because it's hosted in the cloud, Cloud Contact PCI is an agile solution ideal for homebound, off-shore, in-house and outsourced environments. It can be fully integrated with all our Cloud Contact solutions as well as into your PSP or BT SafePay facility.

Plus, we manage the compliance programme and renew it annually, so you can concentrate on your business, confident that all regulatory requirements are being taken care of on your behalf.

Cloud Contact PCI features:

Cloud Contact PCI key features at a glance:

  • real-time card validation with error checking increases productivity and reduces agent handling time
  • DTMF (Dual tone multi frequency) Tone Masking descopes the contact centre from PCI DSS, leaving us to take care of compliance
  • off-shore and outsourced agents can take payments securely
  • solution can be fully integrated with all our Cloud Contact solutions as well as into your PSP or BT SafePay facility. 

Cloud Contact PCI benefits

  • Cost-efficient - reduce your contact centre costs by eliminating call forwarding and transaction charges.  And with no need for hardware onsite you can dramatically reduce the cost of PCI compliance.
  • Compliant - all of the contact centre infrastructure and environments are out of scope for PCI DSS and call recordings remain intact, allowing compliancy with other regulations.
  • Secure - increase real and perceived security, leaving no reputational risk from agent fraud and protecting and enforcing your brand and customer confidence levels.
  • Enriched customer experience – with continuous interaction between agent and customer and a non-intrusive experience, you’ll see no detrimental impact to your current experience and satisfaction levels.
  • Scalable - cloud hosted, so it’s ideal for any environment from single to multi-site contact centres, and off-shore or home working agents.

Why choose Cloud Contact PCI from BT?

  • Cloud Contact PCI is integrated within our carrier network software so we can deliver calls globally using multiple BT products including Cloud Contact Genesys, Cisco/Unified and Next Generation.
  • We are the only carrier that have this on-net PCI solution embedded within our network.
  • We offer a single contract, single customer experience and single integration into a globally renowned resilient network
  • We have the network, the experience, expertise and offer a fully scalable solution.