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Cisco SD-WAN

Shape your future infrastructure and build a secure infrastructure you can rely on with managed Cisco SD-WAN from BT.

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What is Connect Cisco SD-WAN?

Making sophisticated, global networks easier to monitor, manage and become more agile.

As your network adapts to meet new demands it’s easy to be overwhelmed by managing and maintaining it. Not to mention the challenge of ever-increasing data traffic and security threats. We’ve created a simple way to give your key sites and people the connections they need to support them in a more dynamic global marketplace.

Connect Cisco SD-WAN is a managed SD-WAN solution for global networks with sophisticated requirements. It’s the ideal choice as you migrate towards a software-enabled service. We’ve developed a centrally managed, cloud-hosted, and software-defined network overlay solution using Cisco vEdge hardware and licences. It comes with best-of-breed reporting built in so you can see exactly what’s happening across your network and applications.

Because it’s a fully managed service, making changes to application routing is easy – we can take care of everything from installation and configuration to monitoring.

How does Connect Cisco SD-WAN work? 

Designed with complex global networks in mind.

Coping with ever-increasing data from a complex set of applications while managing a hybrid WAN across a mix of site types is a challenge. So we’ve created a simple solution with advanced features built on our evolving dynamic network, and with the right support to make it a success.

Connect Cisco SD-WAN is agile enough to work across a range of internet and network services, giving you the ability to adapt quickly to meet new challenges and opportunities.

It comes with the vManage reporting system – an online view of all your services – for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. And if you really want to get to the bottom of what’s going on in your network, our LiveAction service takes analytics to the next level. You’ll get real insight into your network performance to help you make informed decisions on configuration, applications, and data traffic management.

Security is built-in and you’ll get 3,000 security experts and 16 operation centres as backup.

Connect Cisco SD-WAN features

We’re committed to delivering the best SD-WAN solutions on the market. Connect Cisco SD-WAN features include:

  • manage reporting system – an online view of all your services for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting
  • LiveAction analytics – network performance insight to help you make informed decisions
  • hybrid underlay – we’ll build your secure SD-WAN on our hybrid underlay networks for intelligent traffic routing and improved application performance
  • SD-WAN Centre of Excellence (CoE) delivery – our CoE team combine industry knowledge with local expertise to bring you fast, simple, and secure deployment.

Connect Cisco SD-WAN benefits

What benefits will Connect Cisco SD-WAN bring to your business?

  • Deploy and manage Cisco SD-WAN easily
  • Scale your network as it becomes more sophisticated
  • See your whole network online
  • Stay secure with an encrypted network
  • Call on our SD-WAN specialists if you need help
  • Reduce logistical headaches – we manage everything when it comes to CPE
  • Become more agile with a dedicated team to configure and maintain your SD-WAN service.

Why choose Connect Cisco SD-WAN with BT? 

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose Connect Cisco SD-WAN from BT and Cisco?

  • Our trusted partnership – we are one of only five global gold Cisco partners and we’re long-standing innovation allies, with over 30 years’ experience working together
  • Our experience – we’ve deployed 10,000 sites with Cisco SD-WAN solutions across the world
  • We're innovation leaders - Cisco have a long heritage invested in cloud and SD-WAN innovation as one of the first to bring SD-WAN to market
  • Our dedicated support – our CoE team will be on hand to support you through your network evolution with skills, systems, and processes developed to deliver on speed and agility
  • Our unmatched security – we provide security services on a truly global scale because of our extensive network and 16 global security operations centres.