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Connect Intelligence AppDynamics – APM tool

Discover AppDynamics - the world's no.1 application performance management solution and BT's global network combined.

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What is Connect Intelligence AppDynamics?

Combining the world’s no. 1 APM solution and our global network

It’s no secret that complexity is growing across networks and IT. The real challenge is managing complexity creep so you can see everything across your entire infrastructure and use that insight to make the right business decisions. 

Network management tools haven’t changed for years, and most organisations use different tools for different things. But whilst these may offer lots of detailed and specific information, they fail to provide the full picture.

With Connect Intelligence AppDynamics, powered by Cisco, our experts will set up and manage the platform to extract the right detail for you, making it much easier to find issues and solve them.

And with the complete picture, Connect Intelligence AppDynamics overcomes the blame-game to bring together all the different sources of information into a single, personalised dashboard with full detail underneath. 

Why invest in application performance management solutions? 

Complete end-to-end visibility

AppDynamics has a suite of metrics and modules to measure all areas of infrastructure so we can create a model that works for you. You can stack together options for application development, network management, and cloud deployment to get a comprehensive view of your infrastructure performance.

Connect Intelligence AppDynamics unifies information so your people can all see and fix problems fast. It gives you:

  • full visibility across servers, network and containers both on-premises and in the cloud
  • one simple user interface to monitor the full stack, on-premises or in the cloud
  • precise contextual alerts and advanced AI-powered root cause analysis, to cut resolution time.

You can tie critical business outcomes and user experience issues to any point of error within your hybrid environment, and precisely monitor each transaction within your digital service delivery supply chain.

Connect Intelligence AppDynamics features

We’re committed to delivering the best application  performance monitoring solutions on the market. Connect Intelligence AppDynamics gives you:

  • 24 x 365 service teams
  • the latest software deployments
  • personalised install and build advice
  • report set-up and dashboard creation
  • analysis and understanding orientation
  • premier access to BT and Cisco technology teams for issue resolution.

Connect Intelligence AppDynamics benefits:

What benefits will Connect Intelligence AppDynamics APM bring to your business?

  • Minimise risk during any migration by showing benchmarking data
  • Modernise workflows and optimise / consolidate your environment
  • Simplify your infrastructure by mapping step by step application journeys
  • Reduce mean time to repair and mean time to fail
  • Maximise cloud application performance by seeing into the cloud
  • Increase knowledge, understanding, and communication
  • Maintain corporate and stakeholder confidence show business insight.

Why choose BT and Cisco? 

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose Connect Intelligence AppDynamics from BT and Cisco?

  • We're experienced – we’ve been combining our skills, expertise, and experience with Cisco’s technology for decades, and are one of only six ‘elite’ Cisco Global Gold Certified Partners – across 18 countries
  • It's renowned – AppDynamics is the world’s no. 1 application performance management solution, trusted by some of the top companies and institutions worldwide – from every sector
  • Our network capability – we can add our market-leading global network capability, offering a mix of IP and internet services in over 180 countries or territories
  • End-to-end  we’re more than just a network provider. We offer the building blocks to complete your IT infrastructure puzzle, with solutions that always start with your objectives.