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Connect Intelligence Infovista

Discover business critical network performance monitoring solutions with Infovista from BT.

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What is Connect Intelligence Infovista?

A network performance monitoring tool delivered from the cloud.

With a scalable, “as-a-service” pricing model, Connect Intelligence Infovista gives you a new level of network visibility, application control, and performance optimisation to support your business needs.

To meet the ever-increasing demands of a digital world, businesses need to develop a hybrid network solution with the ability to intelligently prioritise and route traffic, ensuring continued performance and end-user experience (EUX).

Our solution delivers hybrid networks through our global coverage of private and public network services, with added intelligence from Infovista. Infovista manages the breakout of your internet bound traffic across the web, freeing up the core network. It can create secure VPN tunnels for data centre bound traffic, forward Facebook and YouTube traffic via Zscaler security services, and route cloud-based traffic (such as Microsoft and AWS) via embedded local firewalls.

Why invest in our network performance monitoring solution? 

Price per user for greater flexibility, adaptability, and control.

Connect Intelligence Infovista as-a-Service is an innovative way of pricing where costs are dependent on the number of WAN users and not bandwidth capacity. We can deliver this from our cloud services to make sure it’s set up quickly, with self-service and availability on any WAN infrastructure.

Capacity is delivered through low-cost, high-bandwidth devices of via a free virtual instance of the Infovista edge application.

The “as-a-service” model provides:

  • faster and more accurate cost assessment that is almost bandwidth independent
  • a cost per employee
  • a simpler comparison with other popular software-based services.

Connect Intelligence Infovista features

We’re committed to delivering the best application performance management solutions on the market. Connect Intelligence Infovista features include:

  • application visibility – a real-time dashboard and long-term reporting database providing visibility of application performance, including SaaS and Skype for Business
  • application control and dynamic path selection – end-to-end traffic prioritisation combined with per-user session prioritisation, to deliver the best user experience for demanding traffic
  • WAN optimisation – traffic compression to save bandwidth, caching to reduce delay and protocol acceleration which improves application performance
  • extending to the cloud – enhanced visibility, control, and optimisation of traffic across our Cloud Connect services for a secure and reliable connection.

Connect Intelligence Infovista benefits

What benefits can Connect Intelligence Infovista bring to your business?

  • Understand what’s happening on your network and the effect it’s having on end users
  • Identify and resolve problems no matter where they occur in the application delivery chain
  • Gain visibility over the WAN so you can see the volumes and bandwidth consumed
  • Accelerate applications and look at ways to reduce bandwidth and budget more effectively
  • Prioritise business critical applications and manage non-business critical traffic over both private WANs and the internet to reduce cost and application downtime.

Why choose BT? 

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose a network performance monitoring solution from BT?

  • Our value propositions with more than 15 years Application Performance Monitoring experience, we offer a market-leading Infovista based service at highly competitive rates
  • Our operational expertise we have the largest number of Infovista certified engineers, and our solutions are delivered over any network, including third-party MPLS services or Internet
  • Our delivery assurance – we deploy and manage over 5,000 devices in 86 countries, proving the scale of operation.