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Connected Cloud Edge

Use ready to go global connections with added security, to boost control and ease complexity across clouds with Connected Cloud Edge from BT.

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Category Cloud infrastructure

Avoid increasing complexity with multiple cloud providers

Connected Cloud Edge orchestrates across cloud services, uniting your suppliers across the globe with its pre-provisioned connectivity to provide agile multi-cloud solutions. We use our partners and experience to make the cloud simple, visible and high-performing.

Cloud computing is evolving, and the resource and cost-effective nature of clouds means consumption-based pricing models make increasingly more sense. With experts estimating that most global enterprises use between five to seven clouds within their IT, it becomes difficult to keep complexity down and control up.

Connected Cloud Edge from BT gives you the ease of multi-cloud but with a managed, resilient, and controlled interconnect. Our service is available globally, so you can model and build the cloud performance you need for your users and customers. Connected Cloud Edge plugs you into the fabric of the cloud so that you can open and change cloud connections as you want, getting the performance and insight you need, underpinned by a clear and flexible pricing model. And you won’t have to worry about managing that infrastructure because we'll take care of that.

Transform the way traditional network and cloud services integrate with Connected Cloud Edge. It’s a real game-changer for customers looking to managing the increasing complexity of multi cloud set-ups with different cloud partners and tariffs.

Our service foundation is the partnership we’ve built with cloud suppliers. Our service platform is integrated with theirs using automation and APIs, which means that operational ordering and flexing is easier for you. You will not be penalised for changes through our central portal, and our orchestration will take care of the rest.

Connected Cloud Edge is underpinned with visibility that stretches further into the cloud and includes the ability to add virtualised functions like security and SD-WAN. It helps you move further toward agile IT by reducing the time and cost of deployment whilst reducing the need for more equipment, power and space on-site.

We’ll help you:

  • simplify and consolidate cloud connectivity and suppliers
  • improve user performance and response times to cloud resources
  • upgrade routing behaviour with improved visibility and control
  • increase network knowledge and visibility across cloud partners
  • increase flexibility with a single service interface
  • reduce cost and improve confidence hosting into cloud.

Connected Cloud Edge features

We connect our network to partner locations across the world, called Carrier Neutral Facilities or CNFs. We use high-quality and resilient fibre services and have built structured connectivity fabric into cloud providers, vertical eco-systems and other network suppliers.

Our platforms are fully integrated with these of our partners so that we can offer automation, control and flexibility to connect and change cloud services from our central portal. Giving you a single way to quickly respond to demand changes and manage access to cloud services. And because we're buying globally, we can be really competitive and flexible on price. Within our Connected Cloud Edge portfolio, you also get the ability to add additional functions onto the service like firewalls, SD-WANs and other functions. As these can be ordered through the portal with consumable commercials, so you’ll get responsive virtualised services that support your need for agility and service experience.  

The features of our Connected Cloud Edge service include:

  • 30 global locations increasing throughout 2022
  • orchestrating cloud provider services using APIs and automation
  • flexible commercials
  • fully managed environment
  • 13 current on-net network locations
  • catalogue of virtualised functions for added value (security, SD-WANs, etc.) 

With Connected Cloud Edge you’ll see the following benefits:

  • faster responses and simplified routing across consolidated cloud interconnects
  • ability to add security, optimisation, and SD-WAN virtualised functions
  • agile “as a service” consumable and controllable commercials
  • faster set-up and change times to meet demand drivers
  • full cloud insight end to end delivered through the BT MyAccount portal.

Why choose Connected Cloud Edge Services with BT?

It’s not just the Connected Cloud Edge services that make the difference, but who you choose as your service partner and why.

  • A trusted partner delivering networking expertise globally for 100+ years.
  • Global partnership with Equinix brings automation, expertise and experience.
  • Global solutions which integrate cloud, network and security services.
  • Worldwide capability and structure for consistent services.
  • Strong service surround and service agreements in place.