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Diamond IP

Streamline your IP address management with flexible, scalable, and expandable IMAP products and services from BT.

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What is Diamond IP?

Take the complexity from IP Address Management with Diamond IP service from BT

Diamond IP is our IP address management (IPAM) solution which streamlines the management of your entire IPv4 and IPv6 address lifecycle across your premises, branch, remote, private and public cloud domains. 

Our comprehensive range of IPAM solutions lets you choose what works for you - we offer software, hardware and virtual appliance products, as well as managed IPAM services.

We facilitate multi-cloud IPAM with virtual appliances for AWS, Azure, Oracle VM, VMware, Hyper-V and others. And our cloud automation appliance dynamically automates the assignment and tracking of private and public cloud instance IP addressing and DNS names. We include DNS security products to supplement your defence with an in-depth protection strategy at the DNS layer.

Why invest in IP Address management (IPAM) from BT

How we streamline IPAM tasks with our expertise:

Let’s face it, IP address management (IPAM) involves very complex technology. But we can help simplify your address, DHCP and DNS management headaches with the industry’s most flexible, adaptable and broadest IPAM solutions portfolio.

The sheer volume of changes and work required to keep your IP address schemes working effectively is becoming bigger with the more devices, working from home, cloud, BYOD and IoT initiatives being driven to reduce cost and improve flexibility. That means your business experts need to work harder just to keep up, which will shortly result in work volumes exceeding the resource available. Isn’t it time you looked at alternatives?

Our experts will take over the issues and repetitive tasks that may be overwhelming your IT teams, and our flexible managed service options provide the baseline by which you can gauge and measure success.  So you can let your teams focus on the key drivers to develop your business while we deliver effective support, management and solutions that show strong business improvement trends and ROI.

Diamond IP features:

BT’s Diamond IP is designed to offer you a set of flexible and choice led options, to meet the needs and aims of your business. The flexible nature of the Sapphire technology means it can be deployed and managed flexibility – either by your own IT teams or by BT.

Diamond IP features include:

  • options for DIY, equipment only or Sapphire Infrastructure Managed services
  • Sapphire appliances which provide control and insight across backups, upgrades, monitoring and admin of the IP address schema
  • proactive trouble reporting and resolution capability on the secure Sapphire operating system, kernel, DHCP and DNS services
  • IPAM solutions options to take care of system administration, monitoring and upgrades for day-to-day updates on IP address blocks, subnets, IP address assignments, address pools, DNS domains and resource records
  • flexible and choice led deployment options, the best across the industry
  • expert advice and assistance 24/7 from our technical assistance centre with 3 comprehensive support levels to choose from.

IPAM and Diamond IP benefits

With Diamond IP from BT you’ll see benefits like:

  • reduced cost and resource – take our service your way to provide the business advantage with the required Return on Investment (ROI)
  • support for the cloud – be multi-cloud ready with reduced complexity and improved agile deployment and change
  • improved security – across IP addressing, DHCP allocation and DNS sign in
  • scalable services – remove manual IP address allocations from your sites, lessen the IP address conflicts that create and offer a scalable global solution
  • support globally – 24/7 global support with “global reach and local touch” services to streamline and improve support processes.

Why choose Diamond IP from BT? 

It’s not just the IP address management services that make the difference, but who you choose as your service partner and why?

  • Experience – We design, build and deliver IPAM solutions to the world’s largest multinational corporations. We use our heritage, experience, and industry expertise to create I.T solutions that work optimally for you.
  • Security credentials – We have 100+ years’ experience networking countries, governments, and the world’s largest multinational organisations, and we’ll use this to make sure your network solution stays tuned for your business.
  • Heritage – Our technology partnerships span the world and help us develop and deliver end-to-end experiences in the new software-defined world.  Our extensive portfolio and network reach, with intelligence and learning, assures you of future innovation.
  • Trusted – We are widely trusted by governments and police forces around the world and our products and services are fully accredited through our rigorous security testing.