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Digital Carbon Calculator

Discover how you can measure and reduce carbon emissions across all your IT products with our new Digital Carbon Calculator.

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What is our Digital Carbon Calculator?

Sustainability is increasingly at the heart of business strategies. In fact, reducing carbon emissions is the main KPI for 54% of enterprises.

Digital technologies have a critical role to play in reducing carbon emissions and measuring progress towards net zero, and you’ll need to show you’re reducing emissions across your own operations, as well as supplier products and services.

It can be difficult to baseline your carbon emissions for your IT services. But without this starting point, it’s impossible to identify areas where you can make improvements. And this data is also important for annual sustainability reporting.

Our Digital Carbon Calculator tool uniquely combines carbon footprint data from the IT services you buy from us and the IT services you buy from other vendors, to give you the accurate, reliable and consistent data you need to baseline the carbon emissions of your IT services. As you gain a clearer picture of where you are, you can use the data to see which devices to prioritise as part of your ongoing lifecycle management.

How does our Digital Carbon Calculator work?

  • We’ve collaborated with major IT services vendors to determine the carbon footprint for their devices
  • The calculator is based on full lifecycle assessments where possible
  • We’ve completed the assessments based on the GHG (greenhouse gases) Protocol Corporate Standard using the ICT sector guidance
  • We also draw in regional grid carbon intensity figures for use phase emissions where these are available, or use the global average
  • We then overlay your inventory device details with the LCA data and grid carbon intensity to estimate your carbon footprint.

Features of our Digital Carbon Calculator

  • The Digital Carbon Calculator provides a single platform to understand all about your network assets, allowing you to measure and reduce your carbon emissions across your IT products.
  • It provides up to six sections of added-value content to identify, understand and hierarchise all your asset related priorities and secure your network performance, summarised in one section to immediately focus on what counts the most.
  • Each KPI can be tracked over time to chart the impact of your changes.
  • It provides a summary of all reports on one interface where you can go deeper into the data and analysis per region, country, site, category or model of devices.
  • You can drill down into charts for more detail. Click on any number to get the full list and click on any line to get specific device identity cards.

Benefits of our Digital Carbon Calculator

The Digital Carbon Calculator will enable you to:

  • Understand the energy and carbon use characteristics of your IT inventory, revealing potential structural risks and seeing how bugs may impact your environment and if they’ve been resolved with recommended actions.
  • Anticipate life cycle impacts, per region, country, site, category or model of device, by providing visibility of device end-of-service dates, so you can make more informed decisions and prioritise investments.
  • Baseline your estimated carbon emissions on a monthly and yearly basis with emissions broken down by region which you can use in your annual carbon emissions accounting.
  • Follow your progress, so if you’re refreshing your devices, you can track and demonstrate the carbon impact of doing so.
  • Identify all exposures through daily updates so you can define your remediation plan with a per site analysis.

Why work with us?

  • We’ve committed to helping our customers avoid 60m tonnes of CO2 by 2030.
  • We have first-hand experience in understanding the carbon footprint of IT services, and by working with our partners we have the ability to collate, and share with you, the data required for carbon footprinting.
  • As part of a managed service, the calculator can be used in conjunction with our Carbon Network Dashboard which measures, monitors and reduces power and carbon emissions across your IT networks.
  • Our global Professional Services team can assess the current and future sustainability footprint across your global infrastructure to help identify your strategic options and the business case for sustainability change.
  • We’ve been recognised, by CPD, as a global leader in managing carbon reduction and climate change across the supply chain.
  • Since 2016/17, we’ve reduced the carbon emissions intensity of our operations by 57% and have reduced carbon emissions by 19% in our supply chain.

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Digital Carbon Calculator
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