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Edge Compute

Support IoT and AI capabilities by bringing real-time data analysis closer to where it’s needed.

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Category Networking

What is Edge Compute?

Edge Compute is an innovation enabler, providing a managed platform that moves compute power to where it’s needed – in stores, branches, production environments and warehouses.

Keeping compute capabilities near to Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications keeps latency low and data analysis rapid. This opens up new ways of improving operational performance, customer and employee experiences, and sustainability. It supports our Sustainability App that helps you optimise your energy usage and carbon emissions.

Edge Compute cuts data traffic travelling to core clouds or data centres, avoiding network congestion and reducing costs.

It can also deliver practical solutions to remote commercial locations lacking cloud connectivity, or where access to connectivity via satellite is limited and bandwidth is prohibitively expensive.  

How does Edge Compute work?

Tap into the power of an edge compute solution, quickly and easily with a streamlined process.

Many organisations implement edge computing to address individual use cases, bringing complexity, fragmentation and difficulties in scaling. A more cost-effective, simple route is to consolidate your multiple sites into one edge compute solution that’s easier to control, monitor and secure.

We start with consultancy-led workshops to help you explore how edge computing can benefit your organisation as a whole. You’ll understand how edge computing will affect your security and networking, and you’ll establish clear metrics around return on investment.

You’ll be able to access our comprehensive partner ecosystem to choose the technology you want as part of your solution. Then, your bespoke global delivery programme will get edge compute up and running across your organisation.

We’ll continue to maintain and manage it, building in continuous improvement and increasing its cost efficiency as innovations accelerate.

Edge Compute features:

  • a comprehensive managed service – all the expertise you need to design, deliver and manage the solution
  • industry-leading certified partnerships – key partners such as Dell and QiO give you access to advanced hardware and software to support innovative environments
  • interoperability – with your existing LAN, WAN or any cloud
  • easy, centralised management – control of distributed environments from the core
  • rapid global scaling – backed by our global reach and efficient processes.

Edge Compute benefits:

  • real-time decision-making / intelligence
  • improved sustainability
  • enhanced end-user experience and improved productivity
  • reduced data and operational costs
  • data sovereignty regulation compliance
  • support for innovative apps
  • greater network visibility.

Why choose Edge Compute from BT? 

  • global reach – we can fit and manage the sensors edge computing depends on wherever you need them, supported by a full-service wrap
  • security specialism – our experience and expertise that protects organisations from over 6,500 cyberattacks each day defends your solution, no matter how the threat landscape evolves
  • an extensive partner ecosystem – providing a wide choice of partners and technologies to build your tailored solution
  • strong sustainability credentials – we’ve pledged to be a net zero and circular business by 2030 and we hold a platinum EcoVadis rating
  • a flexible, customer-focused approach – we centre our solution on helping you meet your business goals, enabling your choices of supplier.