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Ethernet Connect

Unlock your infrastructure and create high-performing, reliable business communications with global ethernet services from BT.

BT reference Ethernet (VPLS) with BT
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Shape your global infrastructure with Ethernet services from BT

Ethernet Connect Global is our adaptive, high-performance layer 2 Ethernet Wide Area Network (WAN) service connecting sites around the globe as part of our world-class network portfolio. Our extensive infrastructure and experience allows us to deliver flexible, agile, scalable, and secure networking to support your evolving business.

We provide high quality and high-speed private bandwidth built from a pre-defined set of "building blocks". This approach means we can address your immediate requirements, but also reconfigure the service to meet your future needs over time.

Ethernet Connect Global is currently available in 60 countries around the world, with speeds from 10Mbps to multiple Gbps. 

Why invest in ethernet services from BT?

Ethernet Connect Global has been designed to offer you a set of flexible, "building blocks". These can be ordered and combined in different ways. They can be changed over time to adapt to your organisation's changing needs.

  • Maintain end-to-end control of IP - With Ethernet Connect Global you retain exclusive control of your IP architecture, IP version, addressing scheme and routing tables.
  • Freedom to innovate – It’s the ideal innovation platform on which to build capabilities not available in IP VPN's such as different types of multicast.
  • Data centre friendly – Ethernet Connect Global is ideal for the special requirements of datacentres including the support of virtual machine environments split across sites.
  • Protected bandwidth – for your critical applications, Ethernet Connect E-Line gives you protected bandwidth between sites.
  • Evolving the legacy – It’s the ideal evolution for ATM, packet switching and private circuits, offering increased bandwidth, improved bandwidth scalability and lower total cost of ownership.

Ethernet Connect Global features:

Our global ethernet has two basic services: E-Line and E-LAN. On Ethernet Connect "E-Line" we offer two configurations: E-Line Private Line or Ethernet Virtual Private Line. Ethernet Connect "E-LAN" provides E-LAN services, also known as Ethernet Virtual Private LAN services (VPLS) and offers any to any connectivity between sites.

Ethernet Connect's features include:

  • native ethernet service, which gives you the complete freedom over your end-to-end architecture that you would expect from layer 2 services
  • the foundation of the Ethernet Connect is the Ethernet access which now allows you to connect to the Ethernet Connect service but a host of other platforms, like cloud, IP VPNs and the Internet. That improves your agility and reduces the time to deliver new services and connections, reducing your total cost of ownership
  • Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC’s) allow you to choose service types, speeds and classes of service for each virtual connection. You have the flexibility to create networks configured as Ethernet Private Line, Ethernet Virtual Private Line and Ethernet LAN services, also known as Virtual Private LAN Services
  • flexibility to choose speeds from 2Mbps to greater than 1Gbps and the classes of service to prioritise and match the application policy your organisation needs.
  • national and international coverage in 60 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America, with others available with long line access. 

With Ethernet Connect Global the benefits are clear.

  • Networking your way – Our service provides the connectivity but how you configure it, manage it and add equipment or devices is up to you. Plug it directly into SD-WAN or switches for instant high-quality networking.
  • Support for the cloud – Our network connects to over 700+ datacentres across the globe, it hooks into all major public clouds across the world at multiple locations.
  • Ethernet networking lets you run your IP addressing so that you team stays is control. If you want us to do this, then it’s also an option we’ll happily support.
  • Greater edge security – Our service is private and away from the prying eyes and performance vagueness of the Internet, you get dedicated performing bandwidth with security built -in.
  • Support globally – Take our services across 60 countries to get “global reach and local touch” and guaranteed service levels for maximum up time.

Why choose Ethernet networking from BT?

It’s not just the ethernet services that make the difference, but who you choose as your service partner and why.

  • Experience – We design, build, and deliver networking solutions to the world’s largest multinational corporations. We use our heritage, experience, and industry expertise to create IT solutions that work optimally for you.
  • Security credentials – We have 100+ years’ experience networking countries, governments, and the world’s largest multinational organisations, and we’ll use this to make sure your network solution stays tuned for your business.
  • Heritage – Our technology partnerships span the world and help us develop and deliver end-to-end experiences in the new software-defined world.  Our extensive portfolio and network reach, with intelligence and learning assures you of future innovation.
  • Trusted – We’re widely trusted by governments and police forces around the world and our secure networks are fully accredited through our rigorous security testing.