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Fortinet SD-WAN

Enjoy hassle-free management and end-to-end visibility by combining network and security in one solution from the beginning.

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Build a secure SD-WAN network that can adapt quickly and easily to whatever comes along.

Companies are under pressure to cut network costs and increase flexibility. But with cyber security incidents at an all time high, it’s becoming more and more important to have a holistic view of your network and security performance. There are many SD-WAN solutions to choose from. But the lack of clarity about where your critical assets are located, coupled with a variety of choice means it’s not always easy to identify the best solution for your exact needs. The ideal approach is to combine software defined networking and security in a single, effective, secure solution.

With an SD-WAN overlay built into your Fortinet next-generation managed firewall from BT you remove the complexity and cost of dealing with multiple vendors across your network and firewall estate. By combining network and security in one solution from the beginning you’ll save time, money and get the right level of security you need. It’s a next generation firewall from Fortinet with SD-WAN capabilities built in, all managed by us via a single pane of glass. And by letting us operate your network and security you’ll benefit from lower risk of exposure, and operational cost and time savings – as well as avoiding skills shortages and difficulties in staffing your own teams.

Combining network and security into one solution from the beginning

Network and security can no longer be considered separately. As we’re both a network and a security provider, we can create a combined solution that meets your exact needs.

Our managed service ensures that all network and security transactions are seen and inspected, and any threats or anomalies are shared across networking and security teams for maximum protection.

You’ll benefit from a lower risk of exposure together with operational cost and time savings, and a network of specialists working to defend your business.

The Fortinet FortiGate Firewall and integrated SD-WAN devices can identify more than 5,000 applications with SSL inspection, so you can prioritise your business critical applications for optimum performance. With dynamic application database updates, new applications are automatically detected and classified – helping you stay both secure as the threat landscape evolves and productive as applications are directed via the best network path.

A ‘protect and connect’ approach

  • Enhanced security: SD-WAN is built into the Fortinet next generation firewall, so your network can immediately benefit from a wide range of integrated security features, such as, an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) decryption, a Virtual Private Network (VPN), web content filtering and anti-malware.
  • Protection at the edge: The IPS in each next generation firewall edge device means any malicious activity can be detected at the edge of the network such as a branch office or remote user so you’re protected straight away.
  • Built-in SSL inspection: If you can’t inspect the traffic entering your network, you can’t protect it. SSL decryption is built into the next-generation firewall, traversing the SD-WAN edge which means you’re protected at all distributed enterprise locations.
  • A secure overlay: Built-in accelerated IPSec VPN technology enables you to secure underlay networks, such as existing MPLS, mobile networks, or the internet by creating secure tunnels between branches, data centres and cloud.
  • Advanced SD-WAN networking: Our expert design team will support your business application needs and manage traffic flow, fail over and back-up based on application demands, e.g. low latency for voice solutions.
  • Secure local breakout: By securing and monitoring internet traffic without the need to move between the edge and the data centre, internet-based applications, such as Office365, salesforce etc. can be accessed in the most efficient way.

Why choose BT?

  • We make it easy to evolve your network securely. For those organisations who already have a nextgeneration firewall from Fortinet, migrating to SD-WAN is even easier because SD-WAN is built into the firewall reducing the risk of change and making it easier to evolve your network to provide the flexibility and agility your business demands.
  • We make it easy to scale globally. Our approach makes it easy to add devices and infrastructure, all managed as a single entity giving you the flexibility you need to respond to market changes and grow. And our combined global reach means we can deliver on our promise of consistent networking services for even the most remote locations.
  • We simplify and automate operations. We remove complexity and cost by managing everything centrally for you, from initial set-up and deployment to ongoing monitoring, management and continuous improvement, and we provide a choice of service based on your maturity and business needs. And with our ongoing monitoring and threat detection, you can mitigate damages should a security incident occur.