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Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication

Get comprehensive protection and recovery at scale with Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication from BT.

BT reference Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication
Category Cloud infrastructure

A modern data security solution that offers comprehensive protection and recovery at scale

When it comes to data protection, things have never been more complex. Data volumes and types have grown significantly and got more demanding, so there’s zero tolerance for outages and data loss as well as uncertainty about recovery in legacy solutions.

And with data spread across physical, virtual and multi-cloud environments, it can be tricky to find the balance between protection, compliance and costs. Our Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication service is designed to tackle all these challenges. It’s an industry-leading data protection solution that will help you recover seamlessly from data loss, disasters and other unforeseen circumstances – and let you securely manage data protection for your entire IT estate.

Why invest in Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication from BT?

How Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication with BT can help:

Our Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication solution means you can be confident your data is safe and secure – and ready to use, when needed. That means, if disaster strikes, you can get your critical applications up and running again quickly, reducing downtime and minimising any potential losses.

Because it’s able to cope with complex, hybrid setups, you’ll need just one solution for all your IT environments – helping to cut costs and complexity.

We offer two services:

  • Hybrid Cloud Backup - involves policy-driven protection of your workloads across multiple hybrid solution types. Choose to store your backup copies on-premises, on public clouds or BT offsite storage service locations. Or you can combine these to increase your protection levels in line with your strategy.
  • Hybrid Cloud  Replication - involves increasing the availability of your critical applications by replicating them to BT offsite IAAS service options worldwide.

Across both these services, you have the option to do it yourself using an intuitive self-service portal or let BT run the process for you as a managed services engagement.

Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication features:

Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication provides a single platform for cloud, virtual and physical to meet all your needs.

  • Backup and recovery - Ability to protect wide range of workloads and leverage new age hybrid architectures. Wide range of recovery options ranging from individual files to a complete domain controller (DC) recovery.
  • Replication, failover and failback - Robust backup and disaster recovery capabilities mean near zero RPO/RTO for your critical workloads.
  • Automation - An intuitive self-service portal to configure and manage jobs across multiple installations globally.
  • Security and compliance - Mitigate ransomware attacks with immutable air gapped backup copies, on premises and in the cloud.
  • Innovation and data management - Access to fresh production data for more accurate testing and ability to directly restore backup copies to public cloud for running analytics and testing purposes.
  • Commercial model - Usage based monthly consumption model.

Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication benefits:

With Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication, you’ll realise benefits like:

  • flexibility and speed - supports multiple environments and architecture options while automation enables you to act fast and minimise disruption
  • robust protection and trusted recovery - your data will be safe, secure and ready for use
  • lower costs – a pay per usage model means no upfront CapEx and a single solution for everything helps streamline investment and cut costs
  • security, compliance, and control - immutability features protect your organisation from ransomware threats
  • innovation - use your backup copies to improve your development, test and dev scenarios
  • global service – a globally consistent specialised BT service backed by industry leading SLAs.

Why choose Hybrid Cloud Backup and Replication from BT? 

We provide a highly flexible yet robust backup and replication service to cater to a variety of your environments. Our global reach, scale and expertise will give you:

  • expertise - the best new age backup and replication service in the market in association with Veeam Technologies
  • ease of use - a consistent global service and a single dashboard to manage all your environments
  • scale – BT is a single provider for all your IAAS, data protection, colocation, connectivity, and security requirements across the globe
  • cost effectiveness - our commercial model helps you substantially reduce costs and CapEx
  • expert support - our cloud experts and managed services teams help you with assessment, transitioning and in-life management services.