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Hybrid Cloud Cost Optimisation

Regain control of your cloud and clamp down on unnecessary cost with Hybrid Cloud Cost Optimisation from BT.

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What is Hybrid Cloud Cost Optimisation?

Improve the way your business uses cloud technology.

The cloud delivers massive benefits for organisations, but some of those can rapidly drive-up costs and create complexity as your estate expands. Our globally consistent Hybrid Cloud Cost Optimisation service will give you the visibility you need across both your multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

With detailed data analytics and custom reporting, you’ll gain insight into spend and usage throughout your organisation, and be able to automate, right size, and regain cost control – while creating better governance of your cloud usage across the company.

Our expertise, coupled with actionable recommendations, will help you make informed decisions and reduce cloud costs. We can also go one step further using automation to save you time whilst ensuring better cloud security standards.

The service is fully managed, which means we’ll take care of the tricky bits like set-up, installation, and maintenance for you. 

Why invest in cloud cost optimisation services? 

Tame cloud costs with continuous improvement and behavioural change.

Hybrid Cloud Cost Optimisation will help you regain control of your cloud network. With role-based (and customisable) dashboards, you’ll see exactly who’s spending what and how that’s impacting your budget – and where money can be saved.

By making people aware of what they’re spending and urging them to improve their cloud housekeeping, you can begin to change behaviour right through your organisation. We can even automate certain tasks to help and you can get a real-time status update via our health-check report.

We can tap into your raw data to give you an initial view of the potential savings you could gain, even if you’re not yet a customer. And because we know giving us an overview of your entire estate may be tricky, this raw data insight can be the basis of our ongoing cloud conversations.

Hybrid Cloud Cost Optimisation features

We’re committed to providing the best hybrid cloud solutions on the market. Our Cloud Cost Optimisation service gives you:

  • detailed reporting and dashboards
  • evaluation of utilisation across cloud and hybrid
  • customer performance optimisation matrix
  • health check automatic updates
  • automatic housekeeping
  • automated recommendations on cloud security and policies.

Hybrid Cloud Cost Optimisation benefits

What benefits can Cloud Cost Optimisation solutions bring to your business?

  • Get insight into usage and spend, set alerts for overspending and track budgets to help make informed business decisions
  • Immediately see ways to improve efficiency in designs and spend through recurring health checks
  • Check for rightsized virtual machines, zombie assets and possible reservations
  • Automate house-cleaning and daily tasks for better control
  • Improve cost-awareness and responsible usage with show-back or chargeback of cloud usage to departments
  • Improve cloud security and governance through automated discovery of password rules alignment and recommended software updates.

Why choose BT? 

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose cloud cost optimisation services from BT?

  • Our partnership – we partner with CloudHealth from VMware to provide our service
  • Our experience – we provide cloud services consistently and at scale, across the globe
  • It's tailored – we combine our extensive partner network and expertise on connectivity and security to provide complete and tailored solutions
  • It's a full service - by combining our Hybrid Cloud Cost Optimisation service with our Hybrid Cloud Managed Services you’ll get insight and recommendations you can implement globally.