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IP Connect

Boost business performance and security with intelligent and flexible MPLS services from BT. Find out more about IP Connect Global today.

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What is IP Connect Global MPLS?

Intelligent and flexible MPLS IP VPNs designed to boost business performance and security

IP Connect Global is an intelligent MPLS network solution that provides the reach, flexibility, security, and performance you need to successfully run your business. It’s our key building block – and the foundation layer – for Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions at critical or important sites that need predictable performance backed by strong service levels.

It’s based on MPLS network technology over a private and secure VPN. Our MPLS reliability is built on a modern and dynamic network solution that’s tuned for the future - one that thousands of our customers rely on.

Combined with the public internet, IP Connect Global enables a hybrid network solution that gives you the performance, security, and reliability of an MPLS network platform with the agility, flexibility, and reach of the public internet.

Why invest in our MPLS service?

For a network engineered around performance.

We know when it comes to your MPLS solution that you want assured quality. That’s why we’ve engineered our network around performance. When you need guaranteed and prioritised application responses on secure bandwidth, IP Connect Global gives you:

  • low latency – assured performance thanks to optimised network design
  • better resilience – separation of core network traffic and a multiple PoP strategy in cities for end-to-end resiliency
  • strict planning – strict planning rules to ensure link failure won’t affect other traffic
  • avoidance of congestion – consistent performance 24/7/265 thanks to strict planning
  • common routing – our MPLS optimised and fully-integrated routing not compromised by internal gateways
  • global design, management, and maintenance – 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring and a common maintenance contract
  • constant network security – constant monitoring for cyberattack prevention and systematic security updates.

Expectations around performance, bandwidth, and security are increasing, and your provider is critical in managing this. Whatever your business needs, we’ll craft a unique MPLS solution that works for you. 

IP Connect Global MPLS features

We’re committed to delivering the best MPLS solutions on the market. IP Connect Global gives you:

  • direct connectivity with a range 3rd party cloud and data centre providers
  • cloud acceleration and optimisation
  • full integration with cloud security which extends into secure internet gateways
  • burstable and scalable bandwidths up to 10gb capability
  • our MPLS optimised and fully integrated routing, not compromised by internal gateways.

IP Connect Global MPLS benefits

What benefits will IP Connect Global and MPLS solutions bring to your business?

  • Global reach with domestic depth – services in more than 198 countries and territories worldwide
  • Cloud connections – our MPLS solution delivers the perfect platform to accelerate your cloud strategy, spreading your domain securely and reliably into partners like Google, Microsoft, AWS, and more
  • Data centre connections – agile and secure connections to over 200 data centres worldwide and all the largest 3rd party providers
  • Intelligent network services – embedded into our network to give you better application visibility, acceleration and optimisation
  • Hybrid solution – balance performance, security, reach and cost
  • A range of SD–WAN solutions – fully aligned with our network services like Agile Connect, Cisco SD–WAN, Meraki, Infovista, and Riverbed for better application visibility and control
  • NFV services – virtualised versions of our acceleration and security services either via the cloud or virtual CPE devices.

Why choose an MPLS network from BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose MPLS IP VPN solutions from BT?

  • We're experienced - we’ve been delivering networks globally for decades, in every sector of industry and every region of the world
  • We offer 'dual; stack' capability for IPv6 and IPv4 – the exponential growth of connected devices has driven the need for IPv6. 
  • We provide fast turn up – we can deliver basic connectivity in about five days, utilising mobile or customer internet services before reverting to the full access service when installed
  • We deliver fast convergence – sub-second convergence in event of core trunk failures, and <3-second convergence in case of edge failure, including access circuit or router failure
  • We offer 24 / 7 service and support – consistent support across the world, including location language support with a single point of contact
  • We provide comprehensive performance reports – monitor the performance of your network connectivity whenever you need from our secure customer portal
  • We give you access resiliency options – with two routers or CPEs, two access lines, or two network nodes.