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Mobile devices

Deploying 5G to enhance your digital workplace strategy means investing in the right mobile devices. We supply a range of 5G devices and accessories, from leading hardware manufacturers.

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Why are mobile devices important?

Mobile devices and collaboration apps have become the number one method for employees to communicate. For global organisations, one of the biggest priorities when it comes to developing an effective hybrid work strategy is effectively equipping employees with the latest 5G-enabled mobile devices.

Outdated mobile devices often pose a security risk to the business and have a negative impact on employee experience and productivity. Ensuring your mobile fleet is up-to-date is a key enabler for a strong mobile-first collaboration strategy and providing the right mobile technology will support your organisation’s productivity and talent attraction and retention objectives.

Procuring mobile devices is often a relatively big hit on cash flow for any size business. Moving to an OpEx-based financing model takes the CapEx burden away and provides a framework to refresh the fleet in a way that suits you and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The devices and services we offer

Access to the best devices

  • Broad choice of the latest 5G handsets – including the latest iPhone, Samsung and Google models, and more cost-effective options for your device fleet. From rugged handsets to tablets with pixel-rich screens, we work with you to find the best device for your employees.
  • Choice of the latest 5G tablets – including the latest iPad and Samsung tablets.
  • We work closely with the leading hardware manufacturers, namely Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and Huawei, to provide the best choice of mobile devices for business.

Flexible payment options

  • For Apple devices we can offer Apple Financial Services (AFS) – making it easier than ever to equip your employees with Apple devices, in a way that is simple and cost-effective.
  • For most other mobile devices we offer a competitive alternative OpEx leasing service.

Continued benefits by upgrading more regularly

  • Get the latest device when you want and instead of paying an initial cash purchase, you pay less over time.

Features of mobile devices:

Why invest in the latest mobile devices?

Updating your mobile fleet means your employees can access:

  • up-to-date processors that are built for multi-tasking, including intensive cloud collaboration applications
  • specialist applications available via the cloud
  • larger screens that are more accessible
  • high resolution camera zoom and front camera for high definition video calls
  • improved device durability compared to older devices reducing breakage and replacement costs
  • greater network capacity and connectivity speed in populated areas using 5G.

Why move to an OpEx-based financing model?

  • With some options cheaper than the capital equivalent, financing may give a more cost-effective route to procuring the devices your employees need.
  • There’s a range of flexible payment plans and various contract lengths to suit you, which provide consistent and predictable costs over the contract term.

Benefits of mobile devices

  • Boost employee productivity and experience, and future-proof a hybrid work strategy with the latest 5G handsets.
  • Empower your employees to do their best work, with a mobile-first strategy.
  • Enhance endpoint security architecture and mitigate the risk of security breaches on mobile devices by keeping them up to date.
  • Transform your cost base by reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the device estate through our affordable OpEx / leasing services.
  • Spread the cost and preserve working capital. Financing options for mobile devices conserves capital, preserves credit, enhances financial ratios, provides a predictable cost for the business and removes the risk of old and obsolete technology staying in circulation.

Why choose BT for mobile devices?

Best range of 5G devices

  • We are a key Apple partner in the UK and continually have the latest range of 5G iPhone devices available.
  • We offer a range of other 5G handsets and tablets from leading hardware manufacturers for complete mobile collaboration and laptop replacement.

Best network in the UK

  • Our UK mobile network EE, is rated the UK’s number one network for 5G again this year by RootMetrics – and best network for business collaboration.
  • In the UK we offer the widest UK 5G coverage: 5G in every large city and town, 40% population coverage, 80%+ in cities.
  • We offer 5G as standard on all mobile plans with large 5G data plans to support mobile collaboration, with data capping to stop unexpected costs.