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Mobile Security

Protect your business from the threat of endpoint attacks. Secure your mobile devices and keep your business moving.

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What is mobile security?

Mobile security solutions provide trust in a Zero Trust world, as mobile has become the device of choice connecting to corporate networks. Give your people the freedom to use the devices they want wherever they are working, while keeping your business safe from endpoint attacks.

Hybrid working is here to stay. So your people are working from anywhere on any device. While this freedom can boost productivity, it can leave you more open to cyberattacks. Our device and endpoint security solutions will keep your business protected with dedicated support, but without slowing you down.

Why choose a mobile security solution?

  • Secure all mobile endpoints – prevent your mobile endpoints from being compromised. Protect your data against the broadest range of threats.
  • Hold back attacks as they happen – stop attacks from reaching your mobile endpoints in the first place through our trusted partners’ access layers and protocol.
  • Assess the risks while people use your business applications and systems – apply a continuous risk assessment of mobile endpoints before enabling access. If an endpoint is compromised or at high risk, access can be denied.

Our mobile security solutions

  • Mobile Data Management – Our secure data management solution lets you manage mobile data consumed over 4G, 5G and wi-fi. It detects when your mobile data is at risk, helping you to get ahead of threats before they impact your devices.
  • Mobile Device Security Management – A cloud-based or on-premises offering which manages mobile devices in the enterprise and enforces compliance with security policies. This is a mobile-centric Zero Trust approach to business mobilisation.
  • Mobile Threat Defence – The visibility gap of mobile endpoints is a huge risk. Attackers are finding new ways of compromising mobile devices. Mobile Threat Defence adds an additional layer of security for your mobile devices with a single app solution.
  • Mobile Secure Access – Allow your mobile employees to connect to the corporate network simply and securely anywhere in the world. This solution enables your employees to work more productively, saves time and costs and can keep you operating effectively in the event of major incidents where business operations may be disrupted.

Mobile security features:

  • Self-service enrolment and support quickly and easily enrol devices in the enterprise environment and enable end users to clear their passcode, locate their device and more.
  • Over-the-air updates – configure and update device settings over-the-air and enforce security policies and compliance.
  • Broad mobile platform support – manage a diverse fleet of Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone devices from a single console.
  • Application management distribute and manage internal / public / purchased apps via the app catalogue, tailored to device criteria, user groups or business role.
  • Mobile secure access management:  The Secure Access core security suite of solutions includes VPNs and strong authentication services, including a fully hosted two- factor authentication service that allows a customer to secure access with the latest technologies from RSA’s SecurID product, and a set of web-based management tools to manage your access identity service. 

Mobile security benefits

Benefits of mobile security and data loss protection:

  • Improve employee productivity and keep your business moving – Giving employees appropriate mobile tools, applications and - above all - timely support can boost productivity. Give your employees the flexibility to work effectively and safely from any device and any location. 
  • Secure all devices and support the complex mobile environment –Support an increasing diversity of devices, operating systems and applications whilst maintaining control of costs and protecting corporate data and applications.
  • Control and reduce mobile costs – Mobile security solutions provide you with full visibility and understanding of your mobile estate, which is essential to controlling and managing costs.
  • Maintain corporate security by knowing who is connected and when –Make sure your people are connecting only from trusted devices. Our mobile security solutions enable you to implement and enforce a consistent mobile security policy that protects your assets while empowering employees on the move.
  • Focus on your broader digital workplace strategy - Full visibility and security of mobile devices establishes a foundation for further mobilising corporate applications whilst providing the assurance to be able to focus on your broader digital workplace strategy.

Why choose BT for mobile security?

Consolidate your security services

No more fragmented services. We can bring it together and manage it for you. Giving you a better understanding of the threats you face across your entire mobile estate.

Get personalised protection from a global security team

With 3,000 security experts and partnerships with leading vendors, we can create a security strategy that’s designed to meet your needs.

Put your business in safe hands

As the UK’s most secure network, we block 6,500 potential attacks a day. So we know how to stay ahead of threats and we can do the same for you.