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Mobile services

The right connectivity and devices are important for people to remain productive, but you also need the right data plans and management tools to ensure everyone and everything stays connected.

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What are mobile services?

The right connectivity and devices are important for people to stay connected and productive. But having the right mobile services also means having the mobile management tools and ensuring people are accessing the company network and applications appropriately, wherever they are working and regardless of whether they’re on a company device or their own. The right management tools let you manage both the cost and security of mobile data as well as making sure your people are connected and productive.

The mobile services we provide

Mobile connectivity

To get the best out of mobile working you need a network that keeps you connected and productive wherever you are. Speed, coverage and investment are three critical factors. Our solutions can deliver against all of these. In the UK, we use our EE network, the UK's number one mobile network.

IoT connectivity

We can enable superior and scalable global data connectivity between businesses, people and things, wherever the devices are located globally.

Data management

Mobile Data Management is a cloud-based service. It helps you to manage both the cost and security of your mobile data, so you can control costs, keep employees productive, and your business safe.

Mobile anywhere

Mobile anywhere is our global data roaming product, which means with a single contract you can cover all your employees, whilst reducing cost and complexity. It provides a dependable internet connection for a mobile workforce, across multiple devices in over 170 countries. 

Features of mobile services

UK mobile connectivity

We offer a collection of simplified and enhanced 5G business mobile plans to provide better flexibility, control and value-add services for you.

International mobile connectivity

Outside of the UK we partner with Freemove, the world's top mobile telecommunication alliance, offering mobile connectivity in over 100 countries across the world.

Data management

We provide real-time insights into how mobile data is being used at both an individual, group or company level, with data usage itemised down to specific site or application. You also get a full suite of management tools so you can take action on what you find and implement policies and controls.

Mobile anywhere

  1. SIM or hotspot – a SIM based on a Multi-IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) technology that can be inserted into a range of mobile hotspot devices or SIM enabled laptops and tablets.
  2. Cloud-based management platform – this platform provides you with an intuitive interface, to control and monitor your hotspot devices, set up network policies and get real-time usage information and statistics. 
  3. A reliable network you can count on - ensures the best speeds and quality of service for users across 170 countries and more than 300 mobile carriers.

Mobile Services benefits

  • Deliver a mobile-first strategy for your organisation – investing in the right mobile services means you can accelerate your move to mobile collaboration and deliver a mobile-first strategy fit for a global hybrid work strategy.
  • Get real time data visibility – into which apps, sites and domains are being visited as they are being accessed, so you can put in place policies to optimise their data use.
  • Optimise data use and save money – through a mixture of controls, compressions and caps, we can help you manage your mobile data costs without stifling productivity helping you save, on average, up to a 44%.
  • Deliver against your company’s productivity and talent management goals – ensuring every employee is suitably equipped with the right mobile devices and services is crucial for optimising their experience and productivity. As mobile devices are now the preferred method of communication, providing the right mobile technology will support your organisation’s talent attraction and retention objectives.

Why choose BT for mobile services?

Best UK network

In the UK, we use our EE network, the UK’s number one mobile network for 8 years running. EE brings you 5G in more places than any other UK network. We’ve rolled out 5G in over 100 cities and towns with even more to come. So, no matter where your business happens, we’ve got you covered.

Best 5G services

We offer best-in-class mobile services covering connectivity, data and application management, and mobile and access security.

Best 5G devices

We offer a comprehensive range of the latest and 5G mobile handsets and devices from the leading hardware manufacturers.