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Multi-Cloud Managed Services

Boost agility, control and efficiency in your multi-cloud environment using our powerful self-service engine.

BT reference Multi-Cloud Managed Services
Category Cloud infrastructure

Operate easily and efficiently in a multi-cloud environment

Get all the cloud management tools you need in one place with Multi-Cloud Managed Services

Managing a complex, hybrid, multi-cloud platform can be tricky. With a traditional approach it can take days, or even weeks, to deploy new workloads. Siloed environments make visibility difficult and bring interoperability and integration issues, encouraging shadow IT and security vulnerabilities to flourish.

Our Multi-Cloud Managed Service helps you take back control with a simple self-service platform to manage your private, public, on-premises and third party applications. 

How does Multi-Cloud Managed Services work?

Our Multi-Cloud Managed Services supports a range of leading cloud management platform vendors, bringing them all together into a single, easy-to-use interface.

Users have the ability to closely monitor resources, keep on top of costs and policies, and generate in-depth reports for insights that drive decision making, across all of your clouds.

It’s also customisable, optimising workflows and designating role-based access for multiple users, to make sure your infrastructure suits your specific needs.

Multi-Cloud Managed Service features

Choosing Multi-Cloud Managed Services means you can bring together every segment of your cloud, wherever you operate around the globe, featuring:

  • Self-service – a single user interface for operating systems, databases, web servers and cloud resources.
  • Governance - centralised control of all your users, tenants and platforms.
  • Analytics - optimising your resources, costs, and app lifecycle management.
  • Automation - accelerating workflows, configuration and deployment.
  • Evolution - modernising app infrastructures.
  • Production - simplifying your ongoing operations.

Get a clearer view with Multi-Cloud Managed Services

With central, simple, secure self-service, Multi-Cloud Managed Services offers an easy route to cloud management:

  • Stand up applications fast, increasing your speed to market.
  • Accelerate and simplify your IT operations by increasing management efficiency.
  • Gain easy control over costs, usage and security.
  • Step away from problem firefighting to continuous cloud optimisation.
  • All without vendor lock-in. 

Why choose Multi-Cloud Managed Services with BT?

We’re the only service provider who can offer this service across multiple areas of the cloud including network, security, digital workplace, infrastructure, private and public clouds.

Our strong global presence makes international implementation easy, even in China.