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Nuance Gatekeeper

Streamline and protect every customer interaction with a fully scalable authentication and fraud prevention solution.

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What is Nuance Gatekeeper?

Using Nuance Gatekeeper with BT, you can improve your customer and agent experience while increasing security, all without adding undue friction or frustration.

It’s an intelligent technology that makes use of voice biometrics to authenticate customers, allowing them to use their voice as their password. This omnichannel solution allows customers to connect via call centres and IVRs, mobile and web apps, messaging channels and more.

Traditional knowledge-based authentication methods take time to complete, add friction or rely on customers using their device. They can also be easily cheated, exploited, or circumvented by fraudsters. They cannot effectively support the modern customer journey or offer the high level of assurance needed for high-value or high-risk transactions such as large money transfers and account changes.

We help you to provide customers with a brilliant experience whilst protecting them from fraud. It gives your agents peace of mind - so they know the person at the end of the phone is really who they say they are. Safeguarding your employees, brand and reputation.

How does Nuance Gatekeeper work?

Nuance Gatekeeper is a voice biometrics authentication solution that uses characteristics unique to an individual to verify their identity. It authenticates actual people by layering AI-based voice, behavioural and conversational biometrics on top of advanced call validation, environment monitoring, and anti-spoofing technologies.

A biometrics-at-the-core approach enables you to authenticate the actual person. Biometrics can’t be forgotten, so they never need to be reset or updated. They also allow customers to use whichever device or channel they want because the voice, behaviour and conversational style are inherent to the individual, not their device.

Biometrics are faster, more reliable, and more convenient than any other authentication method. And they’re extremely difficult for fraudsters to defeat. Nuance Gatekeeper with BT is further protected against spoofing, deep fakes, synthetic speech, and replay attacks.

Nuance Gatekeeper features:

Nuance Gatekeeper key features at a glance:

  • continuous authentication in digital apps
  • detect social engineering, bots, and scripts
  • seamless authentication and real-time fraud detection
  • fast, secure step-up and two-factor authentication
  • post-engagement fraud detection and investigation.

Nuance Gatekeeper benefits

The benefits your business can get from Nuance Gatekeeper with BT

  • Fast and frictionless - faster, more reliable and more convenient than any other authentication factor.
  • Proactive against fraudsters - proactively prevents fraud and enables analysts to stop fraud at the source by identifying the actual fraudster behind each attack.
  • Works on any channel and any device – Nuance Gatekeeper is the only solution that can integrate into every channel to streamline and secure your customers’ entire journey no matter where they’re engaging from.
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring and support  - allowing you to focus on your business while we make sure things continue running.
  • End-to-end delivery and implementation of your service -  we work with Nuance to build a solution that fits your precise needs, and once it’s up and running we’ll support you in any way you need.

Why choose Nuance Gatekeeper with BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose Nuance Gatekeeper with BT?

  • Strong partnerships – we have been integrating speech recognition into contact centres with Nuance for the past 15 years.
  • Experts in security and regulation - we’re experts in GDPR and other regulations across the world, giving you peace of mind that you’re up to date and covered by certified security standards across the globe.
  • Consistent global experience - in the last 10 years we’ve delivered a consistent global user experience to over 4,000 contact centres. We work with customers in over 180 countries around the world.
  • Integration - Nuance Gatekeeper can be fully integrated with other solutions in our portfolio together with our existing global voice network to bring extra security and even faster call authentication to customers.
  • Industry-leading security services and voice reliability - our global voice and data services have a proven track record and IDC recognise us as a ‘Leader’ for delivering outstanding Managed Security Services.