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User adoption made simple

Faster business results with our user adoption support.

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Adopting new technology into your business is quite often not as challenging as you may think.

Most technology partners are experienced in integrating solutions into customers infrastructure, the hardest part is often getting your people to use it. One of the biggest barriers to new technology solutions in any business is the lack of training and support to help their people seamlessly migrate over to using the new systems / platforms. Your people need you to make the switch as easy as possible for them, so that their day-to-day is not impacted. Because new technology should enhance their role, not make it harder. That's why we've made it the key focus of our service delivery.

We’ve designed a digital-first user adoption service to enable speed and flexibility in the support you need. This starts with our online learning hub providing ongoing support for you and your users from day one, which is vital with how fast-paced cloud technology evolves. Our support gives users the choice of the following learning tools; getting started guides, short videos, live training, pro tips and blogs, making sure there is something for everyone.

To help you launch your new technology, we also provide an online checklist, helping you map out what to communicate to your users, how to select the right training and share assets to engage them.

Additionally, if more support is required, our highly experienced team are always on hand to provide advice and to run a discovery session to build a tailored plan on how to launch and manage ongoing adoption.

Our priority is to increase satisfaction amongst users, improve the service launch experience and accelerate adoption. To find out more please get in touch.