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User adoption made simple

Faster business results with our user adoption support.

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Adopting new technology into your business doesn’t need to be challenging.

People need the switch to new technology made as easy as possible so that their day-to-day is not impacted. New technology should enhance their role, not make it harder, and that's why we've made user adoption support a key focus of our service delivery.

Research shows programmes that include adoption and change management are 6 times more likely to meet or exceed their objectives, and over 4 times more likely to stay on schedule.
(Source: Prosci 2018)

We’ve designed our service to be flexible and delivered at a pace that is tailored to your needs. Our user adoption specialists provide continuous and ongoing support, from the very first use, for you and your users, which is vital with the pace that cloud technology evolves.

We’ll provide you with expert advice on how to best launch your new service to your users, as well as a launch communications kit and user training. Users’ literacy levels and learning preferences vary significantly – that’s why our support gives them the choice of various learning tools including: getting started guides, short videos, live training, pro tips and blogs, making sure there is something for everyone. We also provide support for admin and supervisor roles.

If the service launch is part of a digital transformation with a defined roll-out framework, we recommend more extensive support with our user adoption and change management service. Our user adoption specialists will use our proven framework, inspired by the ADKAR change management practice, to provide the right level of support, expertise, and experience for your needs.

Our priority is to increase satisfaction amongst users, improve the service launch experience and accelerate adoption – helping you and your people get the most value from your investment.