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Bundled user adoption support

Faster business results with focus on people readiness

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People readiness through awareness and education is key for fast adoption of your new service.

The switch to new technology should be made as easy as possible for people. New technology should enhance their role, not make it harder, and that's why we've made user adoption support a key focus of our service delivery. Our digital user adoption service gives you speed and flexibility in the support you need.

  1. Expert advice on how to successfully launch the new service to your users
    Online checklist on what to consider and communicate to users. Also, an option to request support from an experienced BT User Adoption Specialist*.
  2. Launch communication kit
    Customisable assets to help your users get started with launch emails, posters, social posts, and useful links to share.
  3. User training
    On-demand short training videos available covering various topics and use cases. Also, an option to book a dedicated training session run by an expert BT Training Specialist*.
  4. Access to a user support centre
    Online website for users to access quick start user guides, top tips, what’s new and blogs. There is no log-in required and content is always kept up to date.

Our priority is to increase satisfaction amongst users, improve the service launch experience and accelerate adoption.

Learn more about our user adoption service >

*T&Cs apply – a minimum order of 100 users to receive BT User Adoption or Training Specialist support.