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SIP trunking

Reduce costs and improve business agility by simplfying and centralising your voice infrastructure.

BT reference One Voice global SIP trunking
Category Cloud collaboration

SIP trunks provide you with an IP alternative to traditional PSTN delivered over IP Connect or Internet and can reduce your costs by:

  • removing expensive interfaces and local connections through central connectivity
  • reducing your communication costs by 30 per cent
  • giving you low cost national and international PSTN minutes
  • a self service portal for administration and reporting giving you control and flexibility over your communications
  • centralised SIP – no need to segregate (logically partition) SIP traffic per country
  • full compliance with in-country regulation, supporting multiple codecs.

Our One Voice platform offers SIP services in 73 countries, with full PSTN replacement in 24. We support 450+ customers, with over 420,000 channels.