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Optical Connect

Get global internet access services to suit all your sites, however large or small, with Internet Connect from BT.

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What is Optical Connect?

Expand your global network infrastructure with high-performance optical fibre connectivity.

Global organisations are facing more international network traffic than ever before and the need for larger bandwidths will only continue to increase. Your networks are the lifeblood of your – and your customers’ – businesses, and a surge in multimedia, cloud service apps, IoT, and more, means increased pressure to keep them flowing.

To add value to existing customers, attract new ones, and be future-ready, you need the bandwidth capability to match with an optical network you can rely on.

Optical Connect empowers you to do just this, leading your own digital transformation and growing with the demand. Using dedicated, point-to-point links to connect your global sites, it provides exception levels of resilience, capacity, and guaranteed high speeds.

How does Optical Connect work? 

Improving your internet connected world.

With dedicated point-to-point links connecting your global sites, Optical Connect can transfer huge amounts of international traffic data in a fraction of the time of an IP-based solution, including voice, data, and IP traffic.

It’s not only lightning-fast but also incredibly secure, using a private connection delivered as a point-to-point solution so it isn’t open to attack.

Our service offers a range of bandwidths in key locations across the globe and we’ve already pre-connected some of the most popular locations. This lets you buy the bandwidths you need with minimal time spent on initial set-up.

Optical connect is a fully managed, end-to-end service meaning we’ll deal with everything from installation to maintenance, leaving you time to focus on business-critical tasks.

Optical Connect features

We’re committed to delivering the best global optical network services on the market. Optical Connect gives you:

  • a fully managed solution – we deliver and managed all your global site connections, leaving you free to focus on business-critical tasks
  • secure, uncontended bandwidths – our secure private connection means you can transfer sensitive business data with peace of mind
  • 24 / 7 / 365 support – you can rest assured we’ll meet our commitment to you with dedicated support teams ready to tackle any problems you may encounter.

Optical Connect benefits

What benefits will Internet Connect bring to your business?

  • Large-scale disaster recovery
  • Storage replication
  • Cross-site virtualisation for data centres
  • Connecting data centres
  • Cloud application enablement
  • Core network extension / backhaul
  • UHD multi-media.

Why choose optical network services from BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose global internet access from BT?

  • The options  whatever your approach, we can support it. We’ll take away your headache and provide connectivity that works wherever you want it
  • Our wealth of data – through this and a range of APIs with ISPs, we can provide fast and accurate pricing and coverage information to help you make informed decisions
  • Our experience – we design, build, and deliver solutions to the world’s largest MNCs. We use that heritage, experience, and expertise to make sure your solution works for you
  • Our support – we continually develop our service capability to resolve issues before they happen. If something does go wrong on our managed service, you have one number to call to get it fixed.