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Private Line networking services from BT

Dedicated secure connections with strong resilience and enhanced uptime.

BT reference Private Line networking services from BT
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What are Private Line networking services from BT?

Take the complexity and risk out of networking

Private Line services from BT provide dedicated, secure and highly reliable point-to-point connections between specific customer locations, both nationally and internationally.  They are ideal for organisations that consistently need to carry large quantities of traffic between geographically dispersed sites securely and want guaranteed and dedicated bandwidths.  Customers like government departments and large financial service organisations use our private line services because they can depend on their security and throughput.

Our Private Line services deliver between major business cities around the world, typically with the UK as a distribution hub. Our services connect across the globe with local carriers and providers to join up your organisation.

What’s so great about Private Line networking services?

Private Line networking services provide unparalleled quality of service (QoS) because the services used to make the connections are not shared and the data transmitted follows the same direct network path every time. A Private Line is assigned for the private use of one customer only and has no connection to the public internet or other shared network platforms. A Private Line system uses dedicated circuits to connect a customer’s equipment at both ends of the line. A Private Line does not provide switching capability unless it is supported by customer premises equipment. Typically, a full Private Line service includes two local loops and an inter-exchange carrier circuit, billed at a flat monthly rate rather than usage based.

Private Line networking services features:

For certain customers, private line services will offer features and advantages that are not seen in other forms of connectivity.  Things like:

  • ability to connect hard to reach customer locations
  • strong satellite coverage where terrestrial services are not available or viable
  • strongest quality of service available end-to-end
  • reach into emerging markets
  • single service wrap for the complete connectivity
  • specific interfaces and connection protocols
  • using specific local infrastructure and providers
  • most secure way of connecting certain locations.

Our private network services form part of our wider infrastructure portfolio which includes managed services like Internet and MPLS. It’s one of the ways our customers develop and create their individual hybrid infrastructure that drives their business results.  You can find out more on how we enable our customer’s hybrid networks here.

Private Line networking service benefits

  • Reliable and secure connections - The service is fully monitored by our state-of-the-art network management centres. It is very secure because the dedicated circuit prevents your data from being accessed by other parties. You can therefore send large volumes of data through the network knowing that these will arrive speedily and safely.
  • Instant connectivity - As the service is permanently connected between your sites, it can be used instantly without having to wait for a connection to be established.
  • Flexibility - The network is suitable for voice, data and video communications. You can choose whether it is all used for a specific application or shared according to your needs. You can configure usage to your own equipment, subject to national licence conditions.
  • Simpler pricing and budgeting - There is a simple price structure for all countries within the BT network, giving you full visibility of the costs of your national and international connectivity. Budgeting is easy as the service is competitively priced at a fixed rental, with no variable costs - so you don't need to worry about usage.

Why choose Private Line networking services from BT?

It’s not just the connectivity that makes the difference, but who you choose as your service partner.

  • Experience – We design, build, and deliver networking solutions to the world’s largest multinational corporations. We use our heritage, experience, and industry expertise to create IT services that work optimally for you.
  • Security credentials – We have 100+ years’ experience networking countries, governments, and the world’s largest multinational organisations, and we’ll use this to make sure your network solution stays tuned for your business.
  • Heritage – Our partnerships span the world and help us develop and deliver end-to-end experiences in the new software-defined world.  Our extensive portfolio and network reach, with intelligence and learning assures you of connectivity and future innovation.
  • Trusted – We’re widely trusted by governments and police forces around the world and our products and services are fully accredited through our rigorous security testing. Our ability to consult an offer a full security portfolio provides assurance to our clients.