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Riverbed SaaS Accelerator

Accelerate and optimise SaaS applications for the users that need it most with SaaS Accelerator for Home and Office by BT and Riverbed.

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What is SaaS Accelerator for Home and Office?

Identify sub-optimally performing business-critical applications with VaaS EUX. Use SaaS Accelerator for Home and Office to optimise them.

Unpredictable times call for predictable performance, and recent events have forced many organisations through uncharted territory both in terms of how their people work and how they serve their customers. 

For many businesses, the large-scale transition to home-based working has presented challenges with performance and security and has had a significant impact on user and customer experience their ability to deliver commitments.

The solution lies in an optimised network that delivers the same experience for employees regardless of whether they’re in a corporate office or at home. And that’s where SaaS Accelerator for Home and Office comes in.

Brought to you by BT and Riverbed, SaaS Accelerator is a targeted acceleration solution that optimises SaaS application performance for the users that need it most, like your executives and knowledge workers. Part of our suite of application performance solutions, SaaS Accelerator is best-used alongside VaaS EUX to help you identify and resolve poor-performing applications whilst making sure you only ever pay for what you need.

Why invest in a SaaS optimisation solution?

Enhance performance of any application, anywhere.

Our simple to deploy software-client is fully compatible with any application or network, including SD-WAN, and is simple to install with our help. It also makes accelerating new applications in the future easy, helping you move more of your own data centre applications into a hyperscale, public cloud environment.

SaaS acceleration can be pushed directly to your users’ devices, rather than having to send hardware to their home, giving them almost immediate benefits of improved performance and productivity. And there’ll be no loss of performance, regardless of whether the app is delivered as-a-Service or run in the data centre or cloud.

With SaaS Accelerator you can enhance performance of any application, anywhere:

  • accelerating business apps by 60x
  • improving global UX of SaaS apps by up to 10x
  • reducing bandwidth by up to 99%.

Our service is fully-managed, meaning we run everything for you. You’ll get access to a single dashboard capability that lets you see and understand application performance as perceived by all your end users across all your networks. 

SaaS Accelerator features

Because we’re committed to delivering the best SaaS optimisation solution on the market, SaaS Accelerator for Home and Office is:

  • tech- and network-agnostic – SaaS Accelerator works across technology and application types, on any network, with SD-WAN, and without vendor lock-in
  • fully managed we’ll handle everything from initial set-up to maintenance, leaving you more time to focus on business-critical tasks
  • secure security is implicit and maintained via SSL, letting you build trust with customers and end-users and allowing homeworkers to access and share sensitive data without risk
  • transparent and flexible – used alongside VaaS EUX, you choose where and what to accelerate with the flexibility to adapt as things evolve.

SaaS Accelerator benefits

What benefits will SaaS Accelerator for Home and Office bring to your business?

  • Ensure the best performance for knowledge workers – we shrank time to open large CAD files from home from 20 minutes to 90 seconds for an engineering firm
  • Deliver a better experience for video and voice calls from home, by compressing background data
  • Reduce the number of IT helpdesk tickets and complaints
  • Speed up mean time to resolution
  • Enable flawless collaboration with staff, customers, and your partners.

Why choose BT and Riverbed?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose SaaS application acceleration and optimisation solutions from BT and Riverbed?

  • Our experience – we're Riverbed’s longest service Global Elite Partner and serve many of their largest, most technically complex clients – experience which we share with our customers
  • It's quality-assured – we test all Riverbed technologies in our dedicated lab in California to ensure quality
  • We're global leaders – Riverbed is the global leader in WAN optimisation
  • We're security-minded – we have 70 years’ experience protecting countries, governments, and the world’s largest multinational organisations, giving us the real-world experience to make sure your solution is secure.