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Satellite Network Services

Our Satellite Network Services enable organisations with challenging geographies to connect globally. Discover how satellite technology can help transform your business operations.

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What are Satellite Network Services from BT?

Connect your customers in remote and challenging locations globally

Satellite services can help connect onshore and offshore sites globally that are in remote and challenging locations. We provide an extensive terrestrial network coverage complemented with widespread satellite capability, as an integrated single global network.

With our satellite service, we can provide a full range of satellite network services from initial evaluation right through to in-life support and 24/7 operational monitoring. Our satellite design teams cover all aspects of technical design, project and programme management, delivery, installation services and handover support, whilst our dedicated operations teams, backed by a global network of in-country agents, provide ongoing monitoring and management of a service all day, every day.

Why invest in Satellite Network Services?

BT and SES: truly global coverage

With our partner SES, we offer a range of shared and dedicated services, for fixed, long-term, high data-rate requirements, through Rapid Site Set-up (RSS), Disaster Resilience (DR) portable terminals.

We have exceptional experience working within Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Our operations in LatAm, together with dedicated subsidiaries in over 40 countries worldwide and local agents, means that we truly have the global coverage our customers need.

We operate a range of Earth Stations and Teleports around the globe in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, UK, USA and Venezuela.

The SES Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) constellation operates in an equatorial orbit at around 8000km with 20 satellites orbiting the globe roughly five times per day. The satellite coverage can provide a band of service from around 55 degrees North to 55 degrees South. For latitudes above 55 degrees North, or below 55 degrees South, our supplier operates a range of GEO satellites to cover nearly all of the earth’s surface.

The MEO satellites are serviced by an array of fixed Earth Stations (or Gateways) in nine locations around the globe. Our supplier will backhaul the service from these Gateways and hand-off the service at the nearest convenient BT PoP, either as Ethernet or IP service.

Our Low Earth Orbit (LEO) capabilities enable real-time cloud and streaming across medium data rates of 40 to 100 Mbps and with low 50ms latency. Coverage includes the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Netherlands and Nordics through our partner OneWeb.

Satellite Network Services features

Our Satellite Network Services features include:

  • corporate networks
  • disaster recovery and resilience
  • internet gateway services, with shared or dedicated (clear) connectivity
  • international private circuits
  • IPCG fast turn up of site
  • voice connectivity
  • connectivity for special requirements, such as short term events.

Satellite Network Services benefits

What benefits will Satellite Network Services bring to your business?

  • Delivers to all site locations — satellite technology complements terrestrial and can reach the site locations terrestrial can't.
  • Provides mobility and flexibility — if a customer changes location and needs on-the-move connectivity, Satellite Network Services can provide this.
  • Connection across remote areas — satellite services can provide a wide geographical reach to connect sites across remote areas.
  • Backup access — satellite technology can be a backup access option to primary terrestrial access.
  • Fast deployment — faster deployment than terrestrial access.
  • Offshore access — oil rigs, for example, are normally far offshore where fixed connectivity is not available. Satellite Network Services are a good solution for these.
  • Fibre-equivalent connectivity — to support real-time data sharing.
  • Optimised cloud connectivity.
  • Managed services model — for cost-effective bandwidth scaling as usage increases.

Why choose Satellite Network Services with BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose Satellite Network Services from BT?

  • A proven track record with over 35 years of experience.
  • We have our own infrastructure in UK, Turkey, South Africa, LatAm and North America teleports, closely located with G-POP nodes and over 30,000 remote VSAT sites.
  • Global economies of scale with procurement of satellite bandwidth, hardware and ground support services.
  • We offer disaster resilience, ready and able connectivity when terrestrial fails and connectivity must be restored .
  • We can integrate global satellite capability with extensive terrestrial network plus mobile coverage with EE and partners.
  • Fast turn-up in days to virtually any location globally, 24/7 end-to-end service management, change management and quality control.
  • Fixed, fly-away and mobility solutions - design and delivery, consultancy and training.