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SD Fabric – Cisco ACI

Discover a fully managed software-defined overlay service designed to modernise your legacy data centre infrastructure.

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What is SD Fabric?

The freedom of the cloud, in your own private data centre.

Many organisations want to move their applications to the public cloud, but security and regulatory concerns can make that difficult. They need a bespoke approach that only works in a private data centre. SD Fabric (Cisco ACI) gives you the best of both worlds.

Building on Cisco’s ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) technology, our fully managed software defined data centre solution brings cloud-like flexibility to your existing data centres for increased automation, agility, and productivity.

You’ll get a new DC-LAN solution that meets the ever-increasing demands that on-premises infrastructure faces, and it can easily extend into the public cloud in the future.

Why invest in our Cisco ACI-based service?

Visibility, control, and increased automation

SD Fabric is the solution your business needs if:

  • you want to reduce your networking costs
  • you want to modernise your data centre
  • if your data centre is coming to end-of-life
  • if you have an application that needs a standard, scalable, repeatable infrastructure platform
  • if you want to reduce your data centre footprint
  • if you want to move your existing Cisco ACI environment so you can manage and maintain it under a single contract.

We’ll deliver, install, configure, and manage your new private cloud DC-LAN infrastructure, including Cisco Nexus 9000 hardware and Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) software.

 We can provide a fully managed service including change management, proactive alerting, and incident management. And we’ll work closely with your IT team and the partners managing or migrating your applications.

SD Fabric features

We’re committed to delivering the best hybrid cloud solutions on the market. SD Fabric gives you:

  • increased visibility, analytics and control across your own data centre environment (API)
  • a specialised team to own and manage delivery, and your ongoing service
  • optimised networking (100Gb/s) to reduce complexity
  • a scalable and easy to grow solution without change of design
  • cloud-like agility, with increased automation for speed of configuration and deployment of changes
  • reduced data centre network provisioning times – cutting cost and simplifying troubleshooting and compliance
  • a common platform for physical and virtual environments
  • agile hardware deployment as you don’t have to change the network design
  • easy rollout that improves productivity quickly.

SD Fabric benefits

What are the benefits of SD Fabric and Cisco ACI? It’s…

  • simple - improve productivity with greater visibility and faster, more consistent change implementation across your network – for example, a new multi-tier network or a change to a security policy
  • agile - make your business units’ lives easier with faster application deployment using infrastructure as code
  • compliant - make auditing your network simpler with access to your data via the API
  • cost-effective - less implementation and change costs, while a single point of management gives consistency and greater visibility to audit and verify change.

Why choose BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose SD Fabric / Cisco ACI solutions from BT?

  • It's managed - we can design your service and manage it in-life with a dedicated delivery team and solution hub
  • It's customisable - build your plan for a cloud migration, but benefit from cloud-like services in your on-premises environment
  • It's quick to deploy - with the right plan and co-operation, including vendor support, we can deploy the solution rapidly
  • Our experience - and network capability managed together with your existing BT services means you can avoid deployment mistakes and pitfalls.