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Trading turrets

BT reference Trading devices and applications
Category Networking

You’re used to powerful collaboration applications that lets you check someone’s availability, move from a message to a call and then start sharing content or use video.

But if your systems have been implemented as technology silos, that’s not been possible on the trading floor until now.

We can help your traders collaborate more effectively – with each other, as well as with clients and counterparties - using a full range of options to suit different users.  You can also identify new opportunities, improve your service to clients and increase revenue.

And when you need to work outside of the trade floor, FlexPro provides a full-function software turret for business continuity.

Through BT Trading, we offer a full range of options to suit different users across the trading floor:

  • TouchPro - with a large, 15-inch touch screen and a configurable user interface
  • TouchProM - a ‘mini’ version of TouchPro, occupying a smaller footprint on the desk
  • FlexPro - a PC-based turret that provides the same user interface as TouchPro and supports many of the same features
  • FlexCom - a soft intercom client FlexCom supports person-person, group and broadcast intercom calls.