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VaaS EUX – Visibility-as-a-Service end user monitoring

A VaaS end user monitoring (EUEM) solution from BT and Riverbed that helps you deliver improved customer and user experience with real-time insight.

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What is VaaS EUX?

In uncertain times, you need insight into your user experiences.

Fast-paced digital technology, growing digital workforces, and the rapid adoption of cloud-based applications means you need to keep on top of providing the best experience for your customers and users.

Visibility-as-a-service End User Experience (VaaS EUX) is an end-user experience monitoring solution (EUEM) that offers businesses an intelligent way to understand how their end users consume applications, with access to real-time and actionable data to find and fix problems faster.

With so many of us adopting cloud-based business applications, like Office 365, and with demand quickly increasing, being able to benchmark and monitor end user experience is key to customer satisfaction. 

How does VaaS EUX work? 

Get visibility to optimise the end user experiences that matter most.

Real-time dashboards help you better understand application and device performance, resolve problems faster, and improve productivity. With our targeted acceleration approach, VaaS EUX can identify performance issues in specific SaaS applications for specific users, which can then be optimised using SaaS Accelerator for Home and Office.

Targeted acceleration lets you improve performance for your users that need it most and makes sure you only pay for what you need.

As a fully managed service, we do everything for you, combining service experiences and expertise with implementation, service support, configuration, and training. This gives you a reliable, fast-start platform to access the insights your business needs.

And it’s all done with simple, predictable, and flexible pricing.

VaaS EUX features

Our VaaS EUX features at a glance:

  • real-time dashboards that help you better understand application and device performance to make informed business decisions
  • targeted acceleration approach that identifies specific performance issues for specific users, targeting those that need it most
  • flexible pricing that makes sure you only pay for what you need.

VaaS EUX benefits

We’re committed to delivering the best application performance management solutions on the market. The benefits of this solution include:

  • understanding what’s happening on your network and the effect it’s having on end users
  • identifying and resolving problems no matter where they occur in the application delivery chain
  • gaining visibility over the WAN so you can see the volumes and bandwidth consumed
  • accelerating applications and look at ways to reduce bandwidth and budget more effectively
  • prioritising business critical applications and manage non-business critical traffic over both private WANs and the internet to reduce cost and application downtime.

Why choose BT? 

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose application performance management solutions from BT?

  • Our value propositions with more than 15 years' application performance management experience, we offer a market-leading Riverbed based service at highly competitive rates
  • Our operational expertise we have the largest number of Riverbed certified engineers and our solution is delivered over any network, including third-party MPLS services or internet
  • Our delivery assurance – we deploy and manage over 5,000 devices in 86 countries, proving the scale of operation.