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Whatever role your organisation plays in capital markets, you want to fully understand your options so you can make the right choices for your business and customers.

With billions of dollars of assets traded daily, it’s vital to get this right to keep people’s confidence in the capital markets ecosystem as well as your own organisation. 

What if you could work with a partner whose cloud community could give you the reach and scale you need? And what if you could meet your infrastructure needs and guarantee the highest levels of performance, reliability and security?

Irrespective of the asset class or market – whether pre-trade, trade or post-trade – our Radianz cloud ecosystem can help you achieve your goals and address the demands of customers, partners and regulators. Our portfolio of managed services has been designed by capital markets specialists to meet your specific needs – with a range of solutions that are reliable, flexible, secure and private.

Radianz is all about capital markets. We play a unique part in assuring it operates smoothly and efficiently with the levels of performance demanded by the toughest customers.”

Michael Woodman

Managing director for Radianz services.

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Use cases

Use Case

Interact with markets and services across the trade cycle

Interact with markets and services across the trade cycle.
Use Case

Streamline your capital markets infrastructure

Sharpen your focus on core business and new opportunities.
Use Case

Distribute your capital markets products globally

Push apps and services to your customers, simply and securely.
Use Case

Operate to the exacting standards of capital markets

Meet the demanding standards of the markets and regulators.

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