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As part of a broader digital transformation programme, you’re making improved employee productivity a priority.

You need mobile and collaboration technologies that can help build a digital workplace and boost output, but you’re also wary of the scale of the job and the costs involved. 

What if you could deliver a more connected workplace, where everyone has access to the latest collaboration tools – including instant messaging, presence, desktop sharing, video and team spaces – while minimising the perceived risk? 

This would let you put your people first and help them reap the benefits that collaboration and digital services can offer, such as faster decision-making, improved time management and simper, smarter ways of working. 

Our cloud services allow you to extend collaborative working from your main offices to your branches, and from your home workers to those on the move. No matter where your people are, they’ll be able to contribute and get the job done using our cloud, wi-fi and internet deployment options.

80% of employees agree today that better communications would make a big difference to their success and 9 in 10 employees say mobile apps and collaboration tools help boost their productivity.
People, productivity and the digital workplace, Davies Hickman Partners, 2018

Digital transformation may sound daunting, but making sure your employees get a great mobile and collaborative experience is a great place to start."

Andrew Small
Vice president, unified communications and contact centres, BT's Global Services division

Use cases

Use Case

Implement a UC strategy that boosts your productivity

Create a more collaborative, productive digital workplace for your people without lots of investment or upheaval.
Use Case

Integrate your video collaboration technologies

Connect your people via simple, easy-to-use video collaboration without sacrificing any existing investments you’ve made.
Use Case

Make the most of collaboration by moving to the cloud

Give your people the tools they need to share information more easily and speed up decision-making, wherever they are.
Use Case

Power your unified communications adoption

Foster more collaboration to capitalise on your technology investment
Use Case

Get end-to-end visibility of your infrastructure

For a great user experience you need a well-performing network.

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People, productivity and the digital workplace

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