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What is Cloud Connectivity from BT?

Your infrastructure is transforming from a traditional MPLS approach to a hybrid one, and the borders between your LAN, WAN, and data centre are disappearing with the introduction of software-defined services. 

Connecting from your hybrid network to your cloud services, when your existing infrastructure has been built to support your legacy applications and systems, is a massive task. 

It's important to consider how you deliver the performance you need and how to keep your users happy, both now and in the future. And you'll need to revisit your security approach when you embrace a new cloud strategy.

We offer you the choice to use any of the leading cloud service providers and connectivity to create your hybrid cloud environments. 

We deliver your apps and protect your data, regardless of where they're hosted. We also have the right skills and expertise, whatever cloud deployment you need, now and in the future.

Why choose cloud network services from BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose digital experience monitoring solutions from BT?:

  • Industry-leading partnerships – Our cloud network solutions are delivered alongside industry-leading partners like Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba and more.
  • Global experience – We work in more than 180 countries and provide cloud network solutions to some of the world’s largest multinational corporations
  • Future focused – We’re always investing in new technologies, making our network easier to connect to and services easier to access
  • Support – Wherever you are in your journey, we have the network, infrastructure and know-how to help you balance the risk and reward of the cloud

Our Cloud Connectivity solutions

Find the right cloud network solutions for your business with products and services from BT.

What is Cloud Connect Direct?

A business-grade private WAN connection to leading cloud service providers.

Every business knows about the benefits of cloud computing but getting set-up can still be a daunting journey with a myriad of providers and services to navigate. Cloud Connect Direct makes it easier and gives a consistent and secure connection to all the benefits the cloud has to offer.

By enabling you to connect directly from our global network using the latest Software Defined Network (SDN) technology, you can be on-net with your preferred providers and Software as a Service (SaaS) in a faster and more reliable way. Direct private WAN connectivity also means your sites appear as on-net sites on your MPLS network, making everything safer and easier to manage.

Cloud Direct Connect was developed to remove the risks associated with cloud-based services, and we’ll ensure your move to the cloud is smooth, cost-efficient, and low-risk. All this without the headache of managing multiple suppliers and physical infrastructure. 

How does Cloud Connect Direct work?

Cloud computing has the potential to transform the way you do business – but not all connections are equal.

Cloud Connect Direct connections can range from 50mb to 2Gb and don’t require any additional access, CPE, or physical connectivity. There are no complicated internet breakouts, routing, DNS changes or firewalls. We manage the service the same way we do our core network, giving you more time to focus on business priorities.

It also lets you build on your network, using our infrastructure to go from testing and development to rolling out cloud-based applications and services faster and with greater security.

And you’ll keep a lid on costs. Cloud Connect Direct is more predictable and cost-effective than buying, configuring, and supporting security for multiple breakouts over the internet. We’ll handle the nitty gritty like managing the connection hour-by-hour. You’ll get performance information at your fingertips. 

Cloud Connect Direct features

We’re committed to delivering the best cloud connectivity solutions* on the market. Cloud Connect Direct lets you:

  • Access cloud providers directly from your own private network
  • Give people a great experience with a low latency private connection, fully managed by us
  • Get up and running quickly when we connect the service to your MPLS IP VPN in days
  • Stay flexible and add users and offices when you need them, redesigning your connections quickly
  • Go global with our connectivity for different cloud providers worldwide
  • Stay secure and control where your data goes on its way from A to B
  • Reduce vendor management costs with a single service provider

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What is Cloud Connect Edge NFV solutions?

Cloud Connect Edge NFV lets you deploy new network services quicker and easier to become a more agile business.

Global businesses today need intuitive networks that deliver the scale, intelligence, and security necessary to power the world’s most dynamic business applications. We’re at the forefront of this development and have the expertise, service, security, and experience to ensure a successful solution.

Cloud Connect Edge network functions virtualisation combines the strengths of Cisco’s ENCS platform with our global service management, design capability, security solutions, and support. We’ve created an infrastructure that lets you deploy industry standard virtual network functions or bring your own, giving you the ultimate flexibility to create your own solution.

Transformation from a hardware-based branch network to a virtual branch network is not only a question of technology, but also one of network evolution and transformation. As a leading network service provider, we have decades of experience in managing transformation at a local and global level.

How does Cloud Connect Edge work? 

An open, global platform, built and delivered by experts

Cloud Connect Edge lets you virtualise your own functions and add to leading solutions like Checkpoint, Infovista, and Riverbed. These are deployed on your edge device and you can choose from a range of Cisco ENCS for your different site types.

The delivery of virtual network functions offers a hugely exciting opportunity to add new levels of flexibility and agility into your Dynamic Network Service. Cloud Connect Edge offers a range of industry standard virtual network functions - and we don’t just offer the VNF. We offer the virtualised version of the managed solution from BT. That means that you get 24/7 support, consultancy, and the benefit of our years of deployment experience.

We have the global capability you need to deploy and support your solution, and the experts in our Centre of Excellence are on hand to step in when needed. Combined with our wider network portfolio, we have everything you need for a complete solution, from the core network to a managed security wrap.

Cloud Connect Edge features:

We’re committed to delivering the best hybrid cloud solutions on the market. Private Cloud features include:

  • Connect Edge – A new virtualised customer premises equipment (vCPE) service based on Cisco’s Enterprise Network Compute System (ENCS)
  • “Bring your own” VNF – You can use your own virtual network functions to create a truly unique solution that works for you
  • Leading solutions – You’ll access an ecosystem of accredited partners such as Cisco, Infovista, Riverbed, Checkpoint, and Fortinet
  • Centre of Excellence support – Experts in are CoE are on-hand to step in when you need

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We can cover your software defined network architecture with a fully managed service and consistent security policy so you give the best user experience while maximising efficiency, your connectivity and your cloud use.

We provide a DC-LAN refresh and interconnect with DyNS plus seamless, private and secure connectivity to public cloud through the landing zone and our private cloud with DC-LAN BT Cloud. We can also provide DyNS and a DC Cloud (Nuage) with private and secure connectivity to public cloud through the same landing zone. You can work across multiple clouds with a single view and get end-to-end visibility and control with our CMS service management platform.

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