Our approach

Your traditional IT infrastructure may not meet the demands of your digital future.

And you can’t just switch off the old and start again. But what if you could evolve your existing estate?

The first stage of this evolution should be to consolidate and optimise your existing IT. This impacts your entire infrastructure, so you need to transform everything from your network, to your data centre services, to your contact centre services.

A holistic approach, coupled with new technology, cloud and network services, helps you deliver this change while reducing your overall IT costs.

SD-WAN services can be used to simplify and optimise a network solution which uses the lowest cost network providers. The latest cloud services can help reduce your number of data centres and also reduce costs. And application services can improve your performance and reduce the amount of bandwidth you need. You can also reduce spending by simplifying your contact centres with integrated communications.

Transformation is difficult, but we can reduce your risk and manage costs by evolving your existing solution for your digital future.”

Keith Langridge
Vice president, networking, BT's Global Services division

Use cases

Use Case

Manage and consolidate multiple networks

Get all the simplicity and control your organisation needs with one global supplier, saving you valuable time and money.
Use Case

Consolidate your data centre footprint

Get the level of distribution, security and speed of access you need in one reliable and scalable cloud-based solution.
Use Case

Deliver and control your network functions centrally

Virtual Network Functions can provide a simple, flexible and agile solution that delivers quick deployment from anywhere.
Use Case

Boost your contact centre with unified comms

Discover how collaboration can bring more success to your customer care.
Use Case

Get end-to-end application visibility and control

Prioritise services and improve network performance with a more complete view of your live apps and their bandwidth demands.

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How CIOs are shaping their networks for a digital future
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