Our approach

You need to make sure every process, application, and area of your infrastructure revolves around the protection of your core assets.

And you need a complete understanding of your security landscape in order to do it. 

So, what if you could create a structured roadmap that clearly sets out all your security controls and processes around the protection of personal data, and outlines the steps you need to take? 

Our extensive portfolio of security intelligence and managed services can help address any specific security gaps you might have, such as challenges around data loss prevention, encryption, access to cloud services, and information risk management. 

Depending on your needs, we can offer you a range of different engagements to meet your specific needs. We do this through a combination of detective, preventative, proactive and reactive security controls.

We secure BT and hundreds of customers across multiple sectors, so we have unique insight into the latest threats and how to mitigate against them."

Leslie Anderson
Chief security officer, BT.

Use cases

Use Case
Optimise your security estate and future roadmap Make the most of your investments, identify potential gaps and improve your overall security, both now and into the future.
Use Case
Get visibility and control of your apps and data Know what needs protecting and how to get it done, with a more complete view of your live apps and their bandwidth demands.
Use Case
Detect threats earlier and respond faster It’s no longer enough to fix a breach quickly. You need the tools to identify threats before they gate-crash your business.
Use Case
Report the value of your security to your business Be confident you’re in control of your security and benefitting the business.
Use Case
Overcome the global security skills shortage Give your team what they need to prioritise threats and respond quickly.


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