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Our approach

You need a more agile, flexible network that takes full advantage of the cloud.

Your existing infrastructure may include a lot of legacy services, which are vital to the running of your organisation, but are not cloud focused and far from agile or flexible. 

What if you could transform your infrastructure to meet the needs of your digital business while managing the pressures of bandwidth explosion, budget cuts and ever-increasing security threats? 

New technology is redefining what can be achieved with traditional network services, and is powerfully supported by the move to cloud-based services and the ever-expanding use of the internet. 

Using network technology, such as SD-WAN, NFV and vCPE, we can help you set up sites and deliver new network functions instantly, using new commercial models and without relying on local kit and expertise. And the expansion of cloud services offers even more options for you to boost agility.

Digital transformation requires a new approach. We’ll offer you the technology combined with the expertise to make it a success.”

Adrian Comley
General manager, dynamic network services, BT’s Global unit