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Our approach 

As you begin to embrace the cloud, you’re likely to see new dimensions to the security challenges you face.

The cloud can magnify errors and put you at risk of non-compliance, data issues and cyber attacks.

You need to protect your entire estate - regardless of whether it’s traditional IT or cloud-based. If you don’t, you could lose customers, damage your reputation and significantly impact your revenue.

Without the right tools and skills in place, across networks and data centres, you’re at risk from threats developed to attack blind spots in cloud security. But how do you find, attract and retain the talent needed when it’s in such short supply across the industry?

It’s a challenge to balance the risks and benefits of digital transformation whilst also protecting against new threats. We can help you quantify and address your digital risk, be compliant and ensure data integrity – all over the world. With our built-in security services and broad portfolio of security expertise, you can mitigate threats to your entire infrastructure.

The cloud can amplify mistakes and expose your business to cyber-attacks, compliance issues and shadow IT, if not approached in an integrated way.”

Hila Meller

Vice president, security, Europe

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