Our approach

Managing separate networks for your voice and data can be expensive and inefficient.

But what if you could deliver new voice and collaboration services over your existing network and deal with just one supplier for your service and billing – saving you valuable time and money?

Our cloud collaboration and SIP trunk services use your data network to deliver voice and unified comms. This means new services are delivered faster, and with less cost, over your existing connection using shared access (if you already have our data network).

If you’ve only just invested in on-premises IPT, our SIP services can connect you to either the cloud or the public network over your data connection. And user adoption services make sure that everyone can get the most out of your investment.

Using cloud, your branches and homeworkers can connect securely to your network too – giving everyone the same functionality and user experience, such as, presence, desktop sharing, video or team spaces for project working, wherever they’re located.

We wanted a single provider for our unified comms platform. With its worldwide reach and high-performance networks, BT convinced us it was the one.”

Stefan Spitzenpfeil
Division Manager IT, Goethe-Institut

Use cases

Use Case
Reduce your voice communication costs Get more control over your services and use your data network to deliver and receive calls from the public network
Use Case
Manage your costs and data in the public cloud Choose between public cloud services easy and efficiently while maintaining control of data performance and security.
Use Case
Optimise your security estate and future roadmap Make the most of your investments, identify potential gaps and improve your overall security, both now and into the future.
Use Case
Make the most of collaboration by moving to the cloud Give your people the tools they need to share information more easily and speed up decision-making, wherever they are.
Use Case
Power your unified communications adoption Foster more collaboration to capitalise on your technology investment


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