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LAN solutions

A simple and scalable solution to ensure you have the right infrastructure for your business.


What are LAN solutions?

Workplaces are transforming, and customers are looking for scale, agility, insight, and automation. The operational workplace is growing more innovative, putting more pressure on networks, as the barriers between office and home blur and technology gets more sophisticated.

BT’s LAN solutions include a range of options to make sure you have the right infrastructure for your business. Whether it's a fully managed enterprise solution, a fully managed Industrial LAN or somewhere in-between, we can sort out the right end to end solution for you.

We can also add one or more of our value-added services on top of that. So, if enhanced security services and deeper understanding are required, we can provide them. 

Why choose LAN solutions from BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose LAN solutions from BT?

  • Global deployment – with our managed LAN solutions, you have global experts managing your deployments. We also offer accredited global distribution and field service capability with consistent, global support for deployment.
  • Security – our security controls and strict adherence to design and security standards mean that you can build infrastructures that you can trust and deploy at scale. We can also help you securely connect your end-users to voice, data and IoT applications.
  • Expertise – with LAN solutions from BT, you can have confidence that you have a trusted partner to deliver a full-service wrap, letting you focus on your core business.
  • Choice – we understand that our customers have different challenges and use different technologies, which is why we offer LAN from a number of providers to create a network that works for you.