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It can be complicated managing a multi-cloud environment. And you may find it difficult if you try to manage it in the same way as you do your traditional IT. If you do, you may end up with inefficient designs, resulting in issues, such as bill shock.

And pursuing a cloud-only approach may cause you problems. Not all your apps and traditional IT will work in the cloud. This is where a dynamic, hybrid environment can help you. But it does come with added complexity.

For example, to deliver true multi-cloud benefits, you need new processes and people with the skills and experience across network, data centres and security. This talent is not only hard to find, it’s also hard to retain.

Also, don’t fall into the trap of believing that just because your proof of concept cloud deployment works as expected, it will be the same once you scale it.

We can give you end-to-end visibility of your IT infrastructure, as well as the ability to configure optimal solutions for your different lines of business or geographies - from IP address management to disaster recovery to cost optimisation. With our support, you can have the right network, security and operational processes in place to more efficiently manage your cloud solutions and deliver a great experience to your users.

So how do you get the right infrastructure and specialised skills you need to effectively - and securely - accomplish your cloud transformation?

Download our ebook to discover how you can:

  • Ensure the right connectivity between your hybrid network and cloud services
  • Manage your multi-cloud environment
  • Gain the right skills and tools to secure the cloud

Unlike traditional IT, cloud is about managing the delivery of a service, not an asset.”

Elena Christodoulou

Director, cloud alliances

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Use cases

Use Case

Mitigate the risk of shadow IT

Embrace the cloud without falling foul of unauthorised systems and software.
Use Case

Identify, migrate and manage your cloud workloads

Get a 360° view of your infrastructure performance and security.
Use Case

Maximise performance through a hybrid approach

Optimise your multi-cloud solution on a global basis.
Use Case

Consolidate your cloud management tools and billing

View your multiple cloud management tools and billing through a single pane of glass.

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