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While voice remains a key interaction channel, nowadays your customers also expect to be able to engage with you via text, web chat, social media platforms, mobile apps, physical stores or any other available channels.

But they don’t think in terms of channels – they just want a great experience whenever and however they contact you. And they expect you to remember their previous interactions with you so they don’t have to repeat or re-explain things.

To deliver the joined-up experience customers want may feel like a significant challenge. You may be using popular, newer channels such as chat, but might have deployed them separately from your existing voice solutions, with little if any integration. This could be impacting your service and leaving your customers dissatisfied.

We believe newer channels should complement and supplement your traditional ones, not compete with them. We make sure your agents can effortlessly and seamlessly deliver excellent customer service across all your channels – while also helping you manage your costs.

We’re able to use our 450 multilingual agents around our centres much more effectively, and we’ve started to see a 10% increase in efficiency. ”

Ruth Birkin
Head of Global Contact Centres, Etihad Airways.

Use cases

Use Case

Delight your customers without adding cost or complexity

Personalise your customer experience and boost revenue.
Use Case

Offer a multi-channel customer experience

Deliver a seamless customer journey with the right technology.
Use Case

Power smarter automated engagement

Supercharge your agents’ productivity with collaborative chatbots.

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