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Communication is the lifeblood of your business. You have users all over the world, using many different systems.

You want innovative, future-proof solutions to keep agile and productive. Your employees expect and deserve speedy, reliable access to the best collaboration tools there are.

You want to migrate to a managed cloud platform that can gives you trouble-free access to state-of-the-art unified communications (UC). But as UC is such a visible – and critical – component of your business, moving to the cloud can be fraught with challenges.  Migrations are often complex and any disruption to your service could affect your users and potentially lose you business.

Our cloud-based unified communications (UC) and collaboration solutions address these challenges by giving you a smooth path to migrate at the pace that’s right for your business. We ensure your transition is flawless, even if you don’t have system migration skills in-house. 

And since our platform grows and adapts with the market (and your needs), you can take advantage of the latest innovations without disruption or risk, ensuring your future agility.

Digital transformation may sound daunting, but making sure your employees get a great mobile and collaborative experience is a great place to start."

Andrew Small
Vice president, unified communications and contact centres, BT's Global Services division

Use cases

Use Case

Make the most of collaboration by moving to the cloud

Transfer your telephony and transform your productivity.
Use Case

Take full advantage of Microsoft Teams

Enhance your voice platform with the latest online collaboration capabilities.
Use Case

Unleash the power of Webex Meetings

Let your people collaborate faster and more flexibly.
Use Case

Boost your contact centre with unified comms

Discover how collaboration can bring more success to your customer care.

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