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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions

Create the agile and secure network infrastructure your business needs with SASE solutions from BT.


What is SASE?

Shape your future infrastructure with managed hybrid networks from BT.

Hybrid working is now a requirement for 76% of global workers. Branches and remote sites need more agile, secure connectivity to maximise productivity and drive value. Delivering an excellent user experience at the same time as increased visibility and control of your network and applications is critical.

Meeting these demands is hard for organisations with siloed network and security teams. But bringing the two together isn’t easy. Both can be complex, confusing fields. A new model is needed.

The term Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) refers to a converged network and security model where most traffic is no longer travelling over your own networks, and most applications and data are stored in the cloud.

SASE consists of two main elements - SD-WAN and Secure Services Edge (SSE) - that are seamlessly integrated into a holistic solution with our comprehensive services wrap. We know that every organisation starts from a different point, with a unique set of existing security products and use cases, so we offer choice and flexibility of either a single vendor SASE ecosystem or a hybrid SD-WAN and SSE approach.

Our SASE and SSE partners include Agile Connect Nuage, Cisco, Fortinet, Meraki, Palo Alto Networks, VMware, and Zscaler.

There are many ways of implementing SASE and one model may be more suitable for your needs than another. It’s also possible to mix and match solutions across your estate, depending on specific site requirements for both connectivity and security. Our experts will work with you to identify what would best meet your needs.  

Why choose SASE from BT?

For businesses operating in dynamic environments across the world, SASE solutions can be high stakes purchasing decisions. It’s about the partner you choose and their ability to provide the right solution for you:

  • Knowledge – We have expertise in both security and networking, as well as the ability to support you both locally and globally in all areas of the world.
  • Industry-leading proven partnerships – We have strong partnerships with the world’s leading network and security vendors.
  • Experience – We design, build and deliver SASE solutions for the world’s largest multinational corporations, including single vendor and hybrid ecosystem solutions.
  • Choice and control – For us, choice is everything. That’s why our services are flexible and customisable to your business needs.
  • Accelerate time to value - We have the resources to quickly map business needs and objectives to the appropriate solutions and get you up and running quickly.
  • Leading service experience – We support our SASE solutions with a unified service desk, providing seamless service and reduced effort.