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Sustainable network refresh

Reconfigure your networks for a lower carbon impact by measuring, monitoring and optimising your energy performance across your entire digital estate.


What is our sustainable network refresh solution?

Sustainability is now a global priority. Citizens, governments, regulatory bodies and organisations large and small recognise the impact carbon emissions are having on the planet – and they want action.

Achieving this can be a significant challenge for global organisations. Capturing emissions data within their own operations alone can be difficult, but the growing focus on measuring, reporting and reducing Scope 3 emissions generated across the wider supply chain adds further complexity. And networks and IT infrastructure are no exception: they’re notoriously energy hungry.

However, what so often holds organisations back is an absence of the tools and expertise to measure, monitor and report on emissions across the network. Without this accurate data as a base, organisations can’t be sure any proposed changes will be effective or worth the investment.

Our new sustainable network refresh solution delivers all the tools organisations need to start reconfiguring their networks for a lower carbon impact. This includes specific solutions for measuring, reducing and monitoring energy performance across an entire network infrastructure.

Why choose the sustainable network refresh solution from BT?

We’ve been on a climate action journey for over 30 years, since setting our first carbon reduction target in 1992.

Our longstanding commitment to environmental efforts:

  • We’re committed to reaching net zero by 2031.
  • We intend to help our customers avoid using the equivalent of 60 million tonnes of CO2 by 2030.
  • As an organisation, we’re proactively aiming to embed circularity across our products, network and operations in order to keep materials in use and eliminate waste across our value chain by 2030, with this goal extending to our customers through our products and services by 2040.

Our established sustainability credentials:

  • We currently hold an ‘Advanced’ rating from EcoVadis, with a score of 69/100.
  • We’re also on the Carbon Disclosure Project’s ‘A List’ for the eighth year running which puts us in the top 2% of 13,000 reporting companies.

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