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Our approach

You know that changing your network can be disruptive, particularly at scale.

And it’s daunting that any infrastructure change can have serious knock-on effects on your operations. Then there’s the fact that you’ll need specific expertise and bespoke designs, probably involving integrating products from multiple suppliers.

So, what if you could call on a team of experts with the right skills and proven network plans to deliver your vision?

Our approach draws on insight gained from numerous successful implementations deploying functioning systems that already include the essential components of your SD-WAN or NFV solution. You’ll have visibility across your network and be able to grow globally with a clear sense of how this fits with your cloud, IT and existing security. 

Digital transformation requires a new approach. We’ll offer you the technology combined with the expertise to make it a success.”

Adrian Comley
General manager, dynamic network services, BT’s Global division

Use cases

Use Case

Consolidate your data centre footprint

Get the level of distribution, security and speed of access you need in one reliable and scalable cloud-based solution.
Use Case

Manage and consolidate multiple networks

Get all the simplicity and control your organisation needs with one global supplier, saving you valuable time and money.
Use Case

Get end-to-end application visibility and control

Prioritise services and improve network performance with a more complete view of your live apps and their bandwidth demands.

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